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    Moving 30 miles away from University/Work

    So for the last 3 years, I've had it pretty easy. I've been able to commute less than 5 miles between the geographical triangle formed by my home, work and the university I attend. This week, my wife and I found a much nicer place for the children, with better schools 30 miles away.

    With only one meh vehicle, I'm obviously going to be using a combination of the bike and bus route that is available. My van gets somewhere between 9-14 MPG at best.

    Interestingly, this will be 7 days a week, because I work on the weekends, but do not attend school then; work during the week 3 days out of the week at the same time I'm attending classes (at least the same day, obviously) and on the two days I don't work, I will be attending class.

    To avoid using my Karate Monkey or Handsome Devil (fixed) I'm going to buy a Motobecane CX to put heavy miles on. It seems to me like the perfect compromise (budget wise) without having to deconstruct either of my other two bikes. In January, when I get my income taxes back, I think I'll probably buy a LHT disc trucker and move the CX to a raid-only bike.

    So I am going from a 5 mile commute to a 60 mile roundtrip commute in the next month. Good times and I finally get to practice what I preach.

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    nice commute! Very nice! You map the route out yet?

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