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    "Put Your Hazard Light On!"

    I got a good laugh yesterday from this story so I thought I'd give it a share. I was riding home from the gym (stealth brag ) yesterday and had made it 3/4 of the way home. I take a small cross street across town, two lanes wide, never more than a car or two. Well, it's just after noon and I've taken the lane because I'm coming up to a stop light. All of a sudden a car revs up and pulls up next to me. There are two very overweight ladies in the front and the passenger yells at me, "Put your hazard light on!" It took me a minute to process what she was saying. If she really couldn't see me on a bright orange bike in a neon yellow t-shirt, in the middle of the lane, at probably the brightest time of day, what good would my rear light do?

    Anyway, they zoom past me for about 10 feet and then slam on the brakes because we're at a red light. I notice, they're brake lights don't work. So...I kindly ride up next to them and inform them and they don't take it well. They zoom off angrily once the light changes...and then I proceed to catch them again at every light until I end up on my street. Ahhhh, what a glorious feeling.

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    Oh to have a phone mounted on the bars. Pull up beside them, inform the nice ladies their lights still aren't working, and start dialing the phone and saying, "Here, let me call that in for you...."
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