Itís been raining in NorCal to the point of not making it very palatable for commuting. Combine that with some business travel, and I find myself 12 days into 2005 and just completing my first ride of the year.

But as usual, absence does make the heart (if not the legs) grow stronger. It was a beautiful morning. The sun crested the east bay hills as I crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, the San Francisco city skyline backlit in burnt orange and blue.

I saw a number of riders out and everyone had a hand signal or a smile, everyone clearly enjoying this day without rain. Was enjoyable to swap the lead with a nice guy on a Gunnar rig well set up for commuting. All in all it was a great start to the day.

Now I just gotta survive 9 hours of meetings so I can enjoy a sunset ride home!

Getting up and going for a ride first thing- its right up there as one of the best things in life.