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    Help with bike please

    I'm searching for a nice looking commuter bike to ride into town and have fun with, and I think I've narrowed it down to the Globe daily 3 and the public m8 rivoli. The public definitely seems overpriced, but I really like the bike. If anyone has any experience with these bikes or has other suggestions, that would be great.

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    The Public has some nice features, but I agree with your assessment - for the money there are better options, IMO. As an example, the Globe Live 3 is a far better bike (hydraulic disc brakes, Belt Drive, etc) for less cash.

    If you want a good quality, practical city bike without dropping a ton of cash, I'd suggest taking a look at one of these - simply add the saddle of your choice (Brooks B-68 is nice) for $100 or less, and you are in business. It takes very basic mechanical skills to assemble a BD bike, or you could pay your LBS a set rate to put it together for you.

    Good luck, and welcome to BF!
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