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    Cheap Wheelset...opinions?

    I'm looking to run some cheap wheels with cheap studded tyres on them for snow days. I found these on Nashbar:

    The wheelset is $130 and the tires are 20 each, for a grand total of $150 + an 8-spd cassette.

    I'm guessing these wheels will be ridden 10 to 20 days a year. Am I going "too" cheap here? I thought about getting nokians and a nicer wheelset, but that is some serious scratch for 20 days a year. Would anyone have any reservations about this, or should I just go for it?

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    i think youd maybe have better luck buying a used wheelset.

    great classifieds section over at roadbikereview. i got a set of 36 spoke mavic rims with ultegra hubs with some nokian studs mounted on them for like 75 bucks....

    i'm not saying you'll get that lucky, but if your lucks any good you can get a set of slightly used handbuilt (much better than nashbar) wheels for less than your looking to spend there.... and have a decent shot of them lasting you a while. i have had some luck with those cheapo machine built wheels, but not a lot.

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