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    Most commuters make the mistake of thinking suspension forks are maintenance free. Below is an exerpt from SRAM's recommended maintenaince for basic shocks like the Dart 3 in question. Follow them and the shock will last a reasonable amount of time. For the average commuter - there's absolutely nothing convenient about the added maintenaince and is another reason I don't recommend them for casual city use by non-mechanically inclined riders.

    clean dirt and debris from upper tubes - after every ride

    inspect upper tubes for scratches-after every ride

    lubricate dust seals and upper tubes -after every ride

    check front suspension fasteners for proper torque -every 25 hours

    clean and lubricate remote lockout cable and housing - every 25 hours

    clean and lubricate coil spring assembly (coil forks only) -every 100 hours
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    Quote Originally Posted by acidfast7 View Post
    I'll run it and see what happens.

    I'm not super excited about the quality of the product but at 699 Cube had to cut corners somewhere.

    Also, I could see how it could work for a weekend rider who clean their bike thoroughly every weekend, but that's not going to happen with a daily-ridden bike, especially not by me.

    Let me know how the forks work out once you get them on the bike as I might be looking for a set at some point.
    I got the new Surly Rigid fork installed this weekend. It makes the front end so much more solid and even the front brakes work better. It took 3 lbs off the bike total. It does feel lighter and since I still have my studded knobbies on, it rides pretty good too. Anxious to try it with my slicks later this spring. The roads are getting rougher all the time now so I will be giving it a workout.
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