I have had and used Rainmates rain chaps now for ~4/5 years. It has got to the point that they needed to be replaced. I couldn't order them from the place that I had ordered them from originally. I ordered them from the manufacturer.

I recieved them rather quickly. The first pleasant surprise was the build quality. The first set that I had, although they did their job, was lacking somewhat in the quality department.
The seams and the stitching looked like they had been done by child.

The build quality of the set I recieved this time around is much better, no raw edges, nice even stitching and seams---all in all quite an improvement.

The actual pleasant surprise was they also included a free saddle cover. I had been thinking about getting a saddle cover for my new Brooks saddle. Imagine my surprise getting one with my order. It saved me between 10 and 30 dollars.