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    Capital Bike Share commute

    I'm in Washington, DC for a conference this week and instead of taking the metro, I decided to check out the Capital Bikeshare bikes [1] to get from the conference location to my hotel. The bikes were pretty heavy and slow but the 3 speed gearing was easy to use. I also liked the "basket" which is more of a shelf in front of the handlebars with a front wall. It has bungee cords to secure your stuff; very easy to put stuff on it and take it off. The bike was great for a couple of miles, but they take a lot more effort ten my regular bike. Still, for a mile or two they are great. I'm not sure if I'd want to drive more then 5 miles on them though -- at elast not on a regular basis.

    Biking in DC, at least where I was wasn't too bad. I come from a place with not much traffic and more of a suburb then a city, so it was different but I didn't feel uncomfortable with the traffic. They slow bike made me not feel as comfortable taking the lane though.

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    I use them all the time for going back and forth to Metro(subway). Def not something I'd want to own,but ok for share bikes. Biggest complaint is the 3spd;DC is really too hilly for a bike this heavy with only 3 gears. Also the rear lights suck;I carry a red blinky for the back of my bag if I'm going to be out after dark. Pro tip:the older bikes didn't have stand lights,if the bike you pick has an open rack(just tubing,no perforated plate) then it's one of the old ones. When you stop,the lights will go out. Also make sure the brakes are good and the bell works before undocking,maintenance can be hit-or-miss.

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