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    Anti-Theft Ideas

    My apologies, as I am sure that there is already a thread on this, but I am too tired to sift through, and look for it. The only lock that I have for Lola right now is a combination Master lock that was bought at Target. Now, that being said, I am on a very tight budget, but need a few more things to complete her commuting stance. Obviously, a better "security system", and lights.

    For the security, I was reading about bicycle wheel locks in a book I picked up about urban cycling today. I thought that these may be a good idea for me in regards to tire theft, as I am lazy (yes, I'll admit it), and the only thing I want to do is park Lola, lock her up, grab my tote/panniers and head into my destination. Now, that being said, I know that I need to get a better lock than the Master that I have now. I was looking at Knog, Kryptonite (U-Locks) etc., and thought they might be a good idea. I have found some for a decent price on Amazon, eBay etc.

    Any thoughts? p.s. I wish they made an alarm system for bikes, like they do for cars. Do they? LOL

    As for lights, you guys have helped me on that a little, but I want something that attaches to my fork (I believe that is what it is called - my "newbie" apologies), so that I do not have to take it off everytime I go somewhere, or worry (too much) about someone taking it. I'm pretty sure that I have settled on this one. If anyone knows of something brighter, but styled in that way, that would be nice, too.

    For my rear, I would like something to attach to my Transit TS-1 Rear Rack, which my Dad was able to install today! YAY!

    On a side note, part of the reason, that I am trying to "pimp" out Lola, is not only for my safety (okay, and aesthetics - I like pretty things!) while commuting as much I can while I am in Ann Arbor, but also for the future. Next Fall, I am hoping to be in a PhD program either in Ann Arbor (in that case I would only move apts.), Albequerque, Chicago, Milwuakee, Toronoto, or Quebec. Thus, I am trying to get used to commuting/get Lola as ready as I can, so I have one less thing to worry about. Of course, if I do not get into a phD program in any of these cities, this entire thing is a moot point. But, I just want to be prepared for it either way.

    On another side note, depending on where/if I end up, I am considering going car free (I will post this question in that forum, too) any suggests for taking kitty to the vet with no car, hauling kitty litter etc.?

    Anyway, thanks for all the helpful advice. I will post photos later this week (if anyone really cares, which I doubt, but thanks anyway!).
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