Rode from work back home for the first time. ~20 miles, Left at 830 and got home around 10, not bad for a leisurely ride.

A few thoughts:

1. Now I get why everybody rave about the ride of steel. I use to only do long rides on my aluminum Trek 2.1. Today I took out my centurion Ironman and omg, it is so smooth and just keeps rolling and rolling. I didn't want to stop. I would have kept going if I had lights on the bike....

2. Today is also the first time I worked up the courage kitted out as a cyclist. Riding shorts, leg warmer, cycling jacket. And wow, what a difference it made. No more tender bottom, no more heavy jean weighing down my leg, no more soaked base layer. Just wow. Now, I did get dropped by quite a few hipsters on their fixie, and I am sure I looked as fredly as possible, but man, not going back to tshirt and jeans.

3. Riding in traffic is still a pretty harrowing experience. I was riding downtown and nobody, absolutely nobody respected the 3 feet rule. They all pass pretty close and cabs are the worst. I really didn't enjoy that part of the ride.