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    Marin Sausalito 2011: $250?

    My old mountain bike is too small for me, does $250 sound good for what appears to be a nicely kept 2011 Marin Sausalito? Seller asked for $325 originally.
    One of the stem bolts is broken but I can easily find a spare lying around.

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    Sounds like a very good price. I typically don't see decent bikes going for much less than that and at over $700 new again that is good. I find that a bike in good to very good shape should go for about 50% of new (or at least that is what I ask for and whomever buys it gets a good deal).

    Do they have a receipt? Can they prove it's not stolen?
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    2013 Velo Orange Campeur, 2012 Mezzo D9, 2004 Marin Mount Vision Pro

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