I am about to pull the trigger on a Pake C'Mute frameset. With no local builds to check out at any shop and very little internet write ups, I am in need of help with sizing.

I am 6'1" and have a PBH of around 89. I was riding a Cross Check the past couple of years in a 58 but never got comfortable on it. I tried various stem/saddle combos and couldn't get it right. I recently sold it with hope I could find something that fits better.

I contacted Pake and they recommended a 56 if I want to keep the saddle a bit higher than the bars, and a 58 if I want it level or even saddle below the bars. I am worried about the ETT on the 58, as it is longer than my old Cross Check and I felt that was too long.

However, the headtube seems to be really long on the Pake, which I figure would make up for the ETT length and kind of bring the bike back to me. I don't like to be stretch and I don't like to sit up higher than my bars. I am not a racer.

Any feedback would be much appreciated. I have been hesitant to pull the trigger because of the sizing issue, but this frameset seems to be a killer bang for the buck. I think I could have a full single speed build for about $600, which is about what I would pay for a nicely spec'd used find on Craigslist. I don't have to worry about being bull****ted this way.