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Old 02-20-14, 09:39 PM   #26
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Originally Posted by ThermionicScott View Post
This week looks promising for my area, but according to the latest forecast, single-digit lows will be returning this next weekend. So yes, spring can still be far behind.
I have the same forecast and I don't like it.
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Old 02-20-14, 10:31 PM   #28
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We have snow shower forecast for next week.
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Seeing as we got 9 inches of snow on Thursday and the predicted low for all week are going to be subzero I think Spring is still a ways out.

For what it's worth, a lot of the local water utilities are recommending leaving water running to keep the supply line from the street to the house from freezing.
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Old 02-24-14, 10:25 PM   #30
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Originally Posted by cyccommute View Post
You guys got nothing. Winters in Colorado could benefit from a serious course of antipsychotic medication. Just yesterday our high of 60F occurred at 0435. Our low of 36F occurred at 1035 on the same day. To make it even worse, the temperature at my house at 0830 was 57F. Dropping 20+F or more in a couple of hours is not out of the ordinary around here in any time of year.

In the last 30 days, we have gone 60F to -15F back to 60F over 5 days. Lots of places have the "if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes and it will change". Few places I've been will whipsaw you like Colorado Front Range weather.
Today is a prime example of my stupid psychotic state. The day started in the low 20s. By 1000, the temperature had hit 60. By 1500 the temperature was 70F. It was 75F by the time I got home about 30 minutes later (nice tailwind). At 1630, the temperature tumbled to 30F. My Lake boots would have very nice for that. At 75F they were a
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It's the groundhogs fault.
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High today is 7F. Low tonight is supposed to be -14F. We have settled snow cover in my front yard of 24". Spring is at least 6 weeks away.

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Old 02-25-14, 09:43 PM   #33
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it might snow here tomorrow.....when is warm weather going to stay?
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Old 02-26-14, 04:38 AM   #34
Jim from Boston
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Originally Posted by tjspiel View Post
Winter is long enough here that I mentally break it into segments.
  1. Late November through December
  2. January
  3. February to Mid March
  4. Mid March ->
January gets it's own segment because it can be so brutally cold and I mostly ride in the dark. By February I'm starting to get some daylight on both ends of the commute and though we can get really cold weather in February too, the temps tend to moderate and the side roads start to thaw...

Usually by Mid March (or not long after) we've had at least one extended thaw where a lot of the snow melts. We may get major snow storms and cold weather after that but those come in between warmer stretches.

April is often a mixed bag. 70 or 80 one week, then snow the next but it's possible it won't snow at all.
The above is a pretty good description of the winter progression here in Boston, though the temperatures and snowfall are less brutal than in Minneapolis. I would add that the Christmas lights of late November through December along with the slightly higher temperatures, and some residual training effect from summer and fall make that segment enjoyable. The quick disappearance of Holiday lights in January further exacerbates the gloom.

Visits to Virginia and South Carolina in March and April have convinced me that Spring in Boston is about one month behind the South, particularly for an early morning commuter. I recently posted about April:

Originally Posted by Tpcorr View Post
It's supposed to approach 50 degrees today [2/22]...

Originally Posted by Dudelsack View Post
...The triumph of optimism over experience.

Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
It’s supposed to be 50 here too, but the streets are wet and puddled with salty water. So I'll be riding my salt-encrusted, studded-tires-mounted, heavy beater mountain bike. Last year, the first year of ownership, I vowed not to bring out my ultra carbon fiber road bike out until April at the earliest; experience trumps optimism, and optimism is on the run. .
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Originally Posted by Jim from Boston View Post
Visits to Virginia and South Carolina in March and April have convinced me that Spring in Boston is about one month behind the South, particularly for an early morning commuter. I recently posted about April:
Only a month between SC and Boston? Sheesh, we vacation in Myrtle Beach and we plant our garden the week before on Memorial Day weekend. Following weekend we usually leave for SC. The weekend after that, we are hitting all the produce stands leaving Myrtle to have some of that yummy goodness early when we get home. They tell us the corn is about done when we are buying it. Then we get home and wait a good 3 months or more until we have corn and tomatoes here in north western PA.
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