I currently commute on a Raleigh Back Alley SS bike 4.5 miles each way to work. My route takes me about 2.5 miles on hard pack and paved bike path with the remainder on city streets. I love the Raleigh single speed almost as much as my Haro Mary SS 29'er. I was looking for a different commuter and with out being able to see any of them in person, I like the following:

Specialized Globe Roll 7 ( Internal 7 speed hub, looks like a SS plus the chrome frame looks sweet)
Canondale Bad Boy (Either the mono fork or regular)
Trek Crossrip

I like the simple looks of the Roll but a shifty would not be bad I suppose. The terrain around here is flat to good size hills. I can make it up the steepest even though I have to zig-zag up it on the Raleigh, the Mary can motor straight up.
I am open to suggestions, I would ultimately like to test drive/ride the bike prior to buying.I am looking for a good looking ride that is fun to ride even when it is going to work. Got to get my fun in there somewhere.

Peace and Thanks
- Zack