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blaronn 05-03-07 01:23 PM

I just happened to make a copy of the list the day before it disappeared. The links won't work, but here it is...

Aegis Bicycle Manufacturer---Pave.
Ahearn Cycles---Cross Bike w/polished Lugs.
Ahearn Cycles---Cylcocross Stout.
Alternative Needs Transportation (A.N.T.)---Cross Race---Price/Notes: Cross Race Zona tubing with a Thron Uni crown straight bladed fork $1,400.00; Cross Race Life tubing with a Nivicrom uni crown straight bladed fork $1,800.00; Alpha Q Carbon fork add $300.00.
Bianchi USA---Bianchi's main CX page..
Bianchi USA---Axis---Price/Notes: $1,399.99.
Bianchi USA---Cross Concept---Price/Notes: $2,349.99.
Bianchi USA---Roger---Price/Notes: $1,099.99.
Bianchi USA---San Jose---Price/Notes: $ 599.99.
Bianchi USA---Volpe---Price/Notes: $ 899.99.
Blue Competition Cycles---CXc--carbon.
Blue Competition Cycles---CX6.5.
Brew Racing Frames---Cross.
Brodie---ROMAX---Price/Notes: $720--Frame only.
Bruce Gordon Bicycles---Rock & Road Tour and Tour-EX---Price/Notes: 9 speed DEORE XT equipped $2550.00 (+ freight & assembly);9 speed DEORE XT equipped w/ racks $2820.00 (+ freight & assembly)frame & fork no parts $1350.00 (+ freight & assembly).
Cannondale---Main CX page.
Cannondale---CAAD9 Optimo Si 1.
Cannondale---Optimo 3.
Cannondale---Optimo Disc 2.
Cherry Bicycles---Cherry Cyclocross Bicycle.
Curtlo---Custom---Price/Notes: no model name -.
Cycles Golem---coming soon---Price/Notes: Cyclocross : 1250$, not including fork.
Dean Ultimate Bicycles---pick from the frame on the left.
DeKerf Bicycles---Ubique frame comes in a Cyclo Cross version---Price/Notes: Ubique frame comes in a Cyclo Cross version. Price is $2000..
Demonchaux Titanium---T1 forks for cx.
Desalvo Cycles---Cyclocross---Price/Notes: Columbus Zona frame only $1250; Columbus Life frame only $1450 Add $350 for carbon seat stays; TITANIUM CROSS FRAME $1995.
Devinci : Frame your passion---CX 1 CX 2Look under road bikes.
Empella--- Nu: € 845,- Nu: € 4.099,-.
Everti---custom-Ti---Price/Notes: 1600 +.
Felt Racing---FELT F1X.
Fuji---Main CX page.
Fuji---Cross COMP---Price/Notes: $1,200.00.
Fuji---Cross PRO---Price/Notes: $1,750.00.
Germans Cycles---CROSS QUEER.
Germans Cycles---CROSS Queer Disc.
Giant---Cyclocross TCX.
Guerciotti---COMETE CROSS.
Guerciotti---CROSS FORCE.
Gunnar Cycles---CrossHairs---Price/Notes: $750 retail for frame only. Custom geometry frame $1075. $250 for Gunnar CrossHairs fork, $500 for True Temper Alpha-Q CX fork.
Habanero Cycles---Custom-Ti-no model name.
Hot Tubes---crossbikeB---Price/Notes: Columbus ZONA tubing: $1250.00;Columbus LIFE tubing: $1550.00;$225.00 steel fork.
Hunter Cycles---Custom-no model name---Price/Notes: Cycle Cross w/ fork--$1225 - $1350.
Independent Fabrications---Planet Cross---Price/Notes: Planet Cross Steel-- Steel fork -$1900; Planet Cross Steel-- Carbon fork -$2250; Planet Cross Ti-- Steel fork -$3600; Planet Cross Ti-- Carbon fork -$3850.
Ionic Bikes---Nemis CycloCross.
Ira Ryan Cycles---3 customer CX bikes here..
Jamis---SuperNova---Price/Notes: $1,925.00.
Jamis---Nova---Price/Notes: $1,300.00.
Jonny Cycles---Might be worth a look if you are in Madison WI..
K2 Cycles---Enemy.
Kelly Bikes---Knobby X -- soon out of business!!! -- deals?.
Kelly Bikes---Soft Shoulder -- soon out of business!!! -- deals?.
KHS---CX200---Price/Notes: $1,099.00.
Kona---Mayjor Jake---Price/Notes: USA $1999 CANADA $2299 EUROPE €2,209.
Kona---Jake---Price/Notes: USA $799 CANADA $949 EUROPE €859.
Kona---Jake The Snake---Price/Notes: USA $1349 CANADA $1499 EUROPE €1,499.
Litespeed---per request.
Naked Bicycles---Steel Psycho-Cross.
Norco---2007 Norco CCX One2007 Norco CCX Two---Price/Notes: 2007 Norco CCX One Suggested Retail :$1340; 2007 Norco CCX Two Suggested Retail :$975.
Novara (REI)---Novara Rivet Bike---Price/Notes: 1599.
Novara (REI)---Rivet Frameset.
Opus---Stelle---Price/Notes: CAN $2199.
Opus---Sentiero---Price/Notes: CAN $1399.
Oswald Cycle Works---Eric's sparkly red "Grassy Knoll" cyclo-cross frameset, fillet brazed, with unicrown fork and Henry James stainless dropouts.
Peyto Custom Bicycles---Ridiculight Cyclocross FrameTIG and Fillet Brazed---Price/Notes: Ridiculight Cyclocross Frame-TIG: $1000; Fillet Brazed: $1200;Tubing upgrade (Reynolds 853, TT Platinum): +$100.
Quiring Cycles---Steel Cyclo-Cross frame.
Quiring Cycles---custom.
Quiring Cycles---custom.
Quiring Cycles---custom.
Raleigh---RX 1.0 2007---Price/Notes: $1,800.00.
Ramblumtick Bikes---Jeff Seaton’s Cross Bike--Blue bike- row 4, column 1.
Redline Bikes---Scandium CONQUEST Team Frame.
Redline Bikes---CONQUEST.
Redline Bikes---CONQUEST 24.
Redline Bikes---CONQUEST PRO.
Redline Bikes---CONQUEST SPORT.
Richard Sachs Cycles---Custom.
Rivendell Bicycle Works---The Legolas---Price/Notes: Frame, fork and headset 1600, Complete bike minus saddle, pedals, bar tape: About $2700, depending on the particulars. But that's typical. We can provide pedals, saddle, and bar tape.
Rock Lobster Cycles---model name?.
Rock Lobster Cycles---Cross Euro---Price/Notes: Matching rigid fork is $ 195. Easton Carbon 'cross fork is $ 350 when purchased with frame. $1100.
Rock Lobster Cycles---Team Scandium---Price/Notes: $1750 with carbon fork.
Rock Lobster Cycles---Team Tig Aluminum---Price/Notes: $1200. Easton carbon 'cross fork is available for an additional $350..
Rock Lobster Cycles---Team Tig S.L.---Price/Notes: $1100. $50 Braze on option. Rigid forks are available for $ 195..
Rocky Mountain Bicycles---Main CX page.
Rocky Mountain Bicycles---Solo CX---Price/Notes: $1,100.00.
Rocky Mountain Bicycles---Solo CXR---Price/Notes: $1,500.00.
Salsa Cycles---Las Cruces.
Salsa Cycles---Chili Con Crosso.
Schwinn---2006 Fastback Road and Cyclocross.
Schwinn---2006 Fastback 27---Price/Notes: $ 900.00.
Schwinn---2006 Fastback Comp---Price/Notes: $1,300.00.
Schwinn---2006 Fastback CX---Price/Notes: $1,100.00.
Schwinn---2006 Fastback LTD---Price/Notes: $3,800.00.
Schwinn---2006 Fastback Pro---Price/Notes: $2,000.00.
Schwinn---2006 Fastback Sport 24---Price/Notes: $ 600.00.
Scott USA---Cyclocross---Price/Notes: $1,050.00.
Serotta Bicycles---HSG Cross Steel.
Serotta Bicycles---HSG Cross Ti.
Seven Cycles---IMX 'cross A6 and Tsunami Cirrus---Price/Notes: IMX 'cross A6™ High-modulus Carbon $3,795 $7,800 $6,300|$10,000+ Tsunami Cirrus TC™ Ti & Carbon $3,195 N/A $5,700|$9,000+.
Slingshot Bicycle Company---Slingshot DD-X Cyclo-Cross Frame---Price/Notes: Frame price: $1,250.
Soma Fabrications---Double Cross---Price/Notes: DoubleCross $375.99; CRMO-CX-FORK$119.99.
Soulcraft---Groundskeeper---Price/Notes: Groundskeeper (frame only) $1,250 ;Groundskeeper (frame and fork) $1,450.
Specialized---S-Works Tricross Carbon---Price/Notes: $6,000.00.
Specialized---S-Works Tricross Carbon Module---Price/Notes: $3,800.00.
Specialized---S-Works Tricross E5 Frameset---Price/Notes: $1,100.00.
Specialized---Tricross Comp Triple---Price/Notes: $1,800.00.
Specialized---Tricross Expert Double---Price/Notes: $2,200.00.
Specialized---Tricross Sport Double---Price/Notes: $1,100.00.
Specialized---Tricross Sport Triple---Price/Notes: $1,100.00.
Spot Brand---Cyclocross Frame & Fork---Price/Notes: Call?.
Steelman Cycles---Custom Eurocross---Price/Notes: Custom Eurocross ALL STEEL cyclo cross frame and Steelman steel fork (add 100.00 for Reynolds Ouzo Pro Cross or Alpha Q CX carbon fork) 2200.00 Custom Eurocross STEEL W/CARBON SEAT STAYS cyclo cross frame and Steelman steel fork (add 100.00 for Reynolds O.
Stevens---Main CX page.
Stevens---Carbon CX---Price/Notes: empf. VK € 1999.00.
Stevens---Cyclocross 105---Price/Notes: empf. VK € 1099.00.
Stevens---Prestege Ultegra---Price/Notes: empf. VK € 1399.00.
Strong Racing Frames---Stong Cyclocross---Price/Notes: Frame Only Pricing- Steel (Custom Blend) $1,350.00;Extralite $1,550.00;Aluminum $1,500.00;Scandium $2,000.00;Titanium $2,400.00;Double Butted 3/2.5 $2,800.00.
Surly Bikes---Cross-Check.
Sycip Bicycles---Singlespeed Crossdresser.
Taylor Bicycles---Will build custom CX..
Ti Cycles---Steilacoom---Price/Notes: Steilacoom $1495; Custom * Steel Cyclocross $1145; Custom * Titanium Cyclocross $2395.
Trek---Trek CX page.
Trek---XO 1---Price/Notes: $1,320.00.
Trek---XO 2---Price/Notes: $2,200.00.
True North Cycles---True Cross---Price/Notes: Frames from $1500; Complete bikes from $2800.
Vanilla Bikes---3 models shown---Price/Notes: Cross, Touring & Mountain frames: $1850*.
Vicious Cycles---The Slider---Price/Notes: Custom drawn triple butted Reynolds 853 steel tube set. Available with disc or rim brake mounts. Also available in titanium. $1425, $1675 with fork; Titanium: $2925, $3175 with fork.
Zanconato Custom Cycles---2 Custom bikes here..

slagjumper 05-09-07 07:21 AM

Hey. Since this post was super long, it must have been zapped so I've put it back in posts 1 and 4.

RMW 07-09-07 05:48 AM

2 Attachment(s)
since no one has mentioned BMC.... here's mine!

BMC Cross Machine CX01

price frame + fork €1400

MUDDY88YJ 09-24-07 04:36 PM

Hi are any of these bikes single speed thanks.

darksmaster923 09-25-07 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by cyclesematic (Post 3627019)
Another bike to add is the K2 Enemy. Mine is pictured below. I don't think they make it anymore (not on the K2 bike site) but there are some still available out there. I like alot for the price.

thats pretty dirty

deanathin 10-23-07 06:56 AM

umm you forgot one
1 Attachment(s)
you forgot about this one i have no idea where you would get it but the original salsa steel cross frame heres a picture of mine and my dads

bsyptak 11-18-07 08:24 AM

Ritchey Break Away series: steel cross & ti cross

'nother 11-19-07 10:07 AM

Jade Cycles
*** prices are frame only ***
XTi - Titanium - $1350
C2X - Aluminum/Carbon - $899
XA - Aluminum - $599
XS - Reynolds 853 Steel - $950

Build kits range from $1385 (Ultegra SL) to $2250 (SRAM Red), above and beyond frame price, include wheels, etc. (everything except pedals). Custom kits available, also check out their custom paint jobs.

They are based in the Holland, MI area but do a lot of business over the internet.

sancocho 12-04-07 07:02 AM



Hi-cross Elite:

Hi-cross Pro:

Elmar Schrauth 12-24-07 09:26 AM

kuota kross
quantec race cc

Mehow 12-24-07 09:36 AM

Salsa La Cruz (new for '08, I think)

DRAwpt 02-10-08 02:17 PM

Opus Stelle

My road team is sponsored by them this year, so i'll be getting one of these in the fall...

shapelike 02-10-08 07:51 PM

What's your road team?

DRAwpt 02-15-08 03:54 AM

Road team
PowerWatts-OPUS...competing in Quebec and eastern Ontario.

arctic hawk 02-27-08 07:04 AM


Originally Posted by DRAwpt (Post 6169805)
PowerWatts-OPUS...competing in Quebec and eastern Ontario.

You'll be racing cross this fall?
It'll be great to see you again!

DRAwpt 03-09-08 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by arctic hawk (Post 6239899)
You'll be racing cross this fall?
It'll be great to see you again!

I will probably jump into a few races, but I plan on doing a lot of road this year, so it really depends on how burnt I am in September.

stuchuck 04-09-08 03:01 PM

Yeti ARC-X

trin2du 04-10-08 03:07 PM

Van Dessel now has a second cross frame at $599 for frame/fork/headset.

bikesdirect_com 04-10-08 03:49 PM

nice list

I like having this all in one place

maybe the Motobecanes can be added
as we intend Moto to be the biggest selling CX brand in the USA [already in the top 5 with ease]

FOR 2009


all seven of these will be available by the season
right now CX, Cross, and Cross Pro selling like crazy

we love cyclo cross!

Plantmiester 05-25-08 10:52 PM

A new one for the list is Ottawa based steel manufacturer Steelwool. They make the Tweed, eccentric BB Tange tubing.

isotopesope 06-04-08 11:19 AM

came across the pake c'mute whilst lurking on this here thing called interwebz///. seems like the even more affordable little brother to the crosscheck. found them for sale here.

meanwhile 06-23-08 10:04 AM


Originally Posted by MUDDY88YJ (Post 5325679)
Hi are any of these bikes single speed thanks.

Try an On One Pompino:

Or a Cotic Roadrat (see next post)

meanwhile 06-23-08 10:11 AM

Also from the UK (like the On One), the Planet X Uncle John (triple butted cromo, carbon fork, v and disc mounts):

And the Cotic Road Rat (all cromo, reverse mounted front disc, short or long wheel base, horizontal slots for fixed wheel, but can easily be built geared)

Both bikes typical cost about £800-£1000 built up, at (very high) UK component prices. USians would probably do better to order just a frame - without fork the Uncle John is £230.

cwakamo 07-21-08 09:41 AM

More Cross bikes from the UK

Kinesis CrossLight EVO3

Kinesis CrossLight PRO5

Kinesis CrossLight 4t

Kinesis CrossLight CSix

cwakamo 08-12-08 06:04 PM

Fort Cross.Max.SSC

Fort Cross.Max

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