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Michael_03082 09-23-07 06:35 AM

New *tall* rider -- question about used cross bike
Hi guys,

I used to ride a lot 25 years ago as a teen but moved on to some other sports. I just saw two cross races here in NH recently and am totally hooked. I want a bike! Looks like getting started might mean a nice new rig at the lbs ($1000-1,500); or internet imports ($750-$1,000); or used equipment.

Question: is there any better source of used equipment than ebay? I am 6'5" and appear to need a 62-63 frame. I think it would be kind of fun to modify/improve a used bike than buy something "out of the box".

Any suggestions on locating a good used bike? Any tall riders here wanting to lighten the load?


flargle 09-23-07 08:19 AM

Check eBay and craigslist. Now, of course, is the worst time of the year to be shopping for a cross bike, and you're doubly cursed by your height.

One possible strategy would be to get a cross frameset (either used or new) and buy a used road bike for parts (or maybe you have a road bike lying around). Add knobby tires and cantilever brakes et voila.

Another possibility, get a lower-end new cross bike from one of the major makers. The frame will probably be fine, you can upgrade wheels and/or components in the future as you wish, or you can sell it next year to start financing the "serious" bike. If you're not afraid of steel, Bianchi Volpe might be a good choice for this sort of thing. The largest size is 61, but that's a semi-compact frame so probably works out to 62 or 63 in traditional sizing -- but don't take my word for it. Surly Cross Check goes up to 62, and does come in a built-up version.

My #1 recommendation is: Get something (anything) and go out and race!

D0ugB 09-23-07 10:38 AM

I'm 6'6" and have a few options for you
1 -- Surly X-check 62cm(this is what I have)
2 -- Kona Jake; Jake the Snake and Major Jake 62cm (appears to have a slightly longer top tube than the x-check)
3 -- Salsa Chilli Con Crosso 59 cm semi-compact(appears to have a slightly shorter top tube than the x-check)

This is some recent investigation I've done

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