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MUDDY88YJ 09-24-07 04:33 PM

single speed
Hi can anyone tell me who makes a good single speed cyclrocross. I would buy a IRO rob roy but this group buy thing dosen't seem to easy to figure out and they are impossible to get in contact with. Plus i would rather buy soemthing i can test ride before hand thanks for the help.

tjayk 09-25-07 11:23 AM

well i have a surly xcheck, but i didn't buy it for cyclocross, though i plan on racing this fall. i think salsa might have 1 or 2 sser's. if you want to test ride it, that means it has to be something your lbs has, so why not ask them?

Dabbo 09-25-07 12:14 PM

Look at the Bianchi offering too, there are quite a few around here and I don't think they are too expensive.
Good luck

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