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Houston 09-26-07 02:53 PM

Look Quartz Pedal?
As if I didn't have enough gear, Look Cycle produces this beauty:

And it gets worse, they made a video:

Now what? It is supposed to be released in October.

Alas, the only thing I can't resist is temptation.

M_S 09-26-07 09:30 PM

That is a very large pedal;)

Houston 09-27-07 03:28 AM

Pedal for regular-sized feet
Sorry about the Sasquatch-sized picture. Here are some other references, from which I have been unable to lift a picture:


and finally at the end of this article

Anyway, whatayathink?

somnambulant 09-27-07 05:33 AM

I think there's a good chance that that's the biggest picture I've ever seen posted in an interweb forum. :)

ericthered 09-27-07 08:40 AM

smaller pic
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Here you go a little smaller

Gibbygoo 10-03-07 04:43 PM

a two sided eggbeater

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