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brianail 09-27-07 08:16 AM

Ridley Crosswind v Bianchi Axis
Two good options, but it's time to make a choice. Input is welcome:

Ridley Crosswind - $1100
2006 Al frame and fork, lightly used
105 components
will use my own Mavic Ksyrium wheelset
available locally

Bianchi Axis - $1400 + duty
2008 Al frame, Carbon fork
Tiagra/LX components
comes with wheels, though I'll probably use the Ksyriums
available on an upcoming trip to the US

Opinions on either?

flargle 09-27-07 08:19 AM

I looked at the Axis when I was shopping earlier this year and felt that it was expensive for what it came with.

If the Ridley is actually lightly used, I'd go with that. Except, does it come with wheels or no? Having a spare wheelset could be nice.

brianail 09-27-07 09:36 AM

It doesn't come with a wheelset, though I could get one for another $500 or so.

I am not planning on selling my current bike (Surly Cross Check), which has its own wheelset, and could be a spare set for the new bike.

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