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Tony O 09-27-07 01:24 PM

cross levers for On One Midge Bars...
these are 25.4 and all the cross levers that I have come across are either 26.0 or 31.8 (some are just 26 with shims for 31.8). I finally took my first bike build out on the trails and fireroads and I have to say, I really like "some" aspects of the Midge bars. Check my seperate post on them...coming soon.

-Tony O

climbhoser 09-27-07 01:51 PM

I've seen 'cross levers on the Midge before...a tactic I was also hoping to employ. Could you make sure and post a link to your review?

awright 09-27-07 07:21 PM

Forget the interrupter or "cross" levers and just get your bars higher. Braking from the drops on technical stuff is way more secure if your bars are high enough.

Tony O 09-29-07 12:54 AM


how high is high enough? If you look at the pics on my bike build. You will notice that I have a pretty high steerer tube (I think that's what you call it). In fact, I posted a while back about getting the proper height on not wanting to cut my steerer tube. As it is I have probably more spacers than I should have on there. I realize I could pick out a stem with a bit more of an angle but I actually like the height of the bars currently. The main reason for wanting cross levers is that I would like to ride on the flats to rest my hands for a bit. Even riding on the hoods, my hands tend to get a bit tired on long descents when having to depress the brakes constantly. Maybe the solution is to stop using the brakes ;P

Tony O

awright 09-29-07 07:10 AM

It looks like your bars are about the right height, but you stem is purty long. I like to have my bars about level or 1-2cm lower than my saddle on my crossbike. I'm 6'4" and I run a 11 or 12cm offroad with drops.

climbhoser 10-02-07 03:16 PM

I know the Midge was designed for all the time riding in the drops, but even set properly my back and hands like a change. Nothing wrong with putting cross levers on them if that's what you want to do. I'm on my way to getting some Midges and I'll definitely be putting some Tektro 'cross levers on there.

You can get some pretty cheap stems with an angle and a good length. I think you would get better handling out of an angled stem then lots of spacers on your steer tube.

i_r_beej 10-02-07 05:41 PM

I run cane Creek Crosstops on 'cross and MTB fitted with Midge bars. You want the 26mm clamp. Fits fine-- there's no "fudging" about it.

Awright is correct in saying that the drops is where you'll need to be 90-percent of the time. However, I too like some variety and like the in-line brake levers for general noodling around and sometimes it's just convenient to have brake levers up there!

I race 'cross and LOVE it but my bike is not a "pure-bred" race-only machine. In the off-season it gets a bottle cage and it goes up on the same trails I ride the MTB.

As for how high for the Midge bar-- I'll add my 5-cents worth. On both my bikes, the tops are about 1 inch higher than my saddle. And the drops-- the sweet spot-- is a couple of inches below the saddle. About where my hands would be on a conventional flat-bar setup.

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