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brew 10-04-07 10:40 PM

budget cross frame
Hey, i have been doing alot of reading, but im undecided what kind of frame i want. I have a full 300ex group off of an old bike sitting here that i think im going to use. The bike will most likey be used for commuting and trail riding and maybe an attempt at racing a bit. I want to keep this on a budget so i am looking for an inexpensive frame to start with. At the same time, i dont want a piece of junk that wont last. Do you guys have any suggestions? what frames have some of you used.

cslone 10-05-07 02:46 AM

Nashbar frame or

gunnar1947 10-05-07 06:42 AM

Leader Bikes are selling cross frames on eBay cheaply:

brew 10-05-07 09:02 AM

thanks guys, i will check those out. I read a bit about the nashbar frames, and they sound like they have some qc issues. but i will keep looking at them.

TimJ 10-05-07 09:33 AM


Originally Posted by gunnar1947 (Post 5396575)
Leader Bikes are selling cross frames on eBay cheaply:

The cable guides are on the underside of the top tube on those frames. That may be why they're $99.

isotopesope 10-05-07 09:41 AM is selling the basic redline conquest frameset for 275. is selling the soma double cross for 309 for the just the frame, and 80 for the fork. also, check they were selling an aluminum frame, carbon fork, and integrated headset for 250.

sfcrossrider 10-05-07 12:38 PM

That 250 frame from chucks isn't that good of a deal. Cables on the bottom of the tt, compact fro a cx bike (think shouldering)???

justinb 10-05-07 01:01 PM

If you are looking for a 54cm frame, there's one left here. Email them first to confirm that the frame exists in their warehouse. The Fantom Cross, to my eye, is the exact same frame as the Fuji Cross Comp. I've been riding one for a week, and it seems as solid as any of the other options mentioned here.

atomship47 10-05-07 09:08 PM

some very affordable ones;

on one

also, check out salsa and gunnar.

TheDL 10-05-07 09:23 PM

Today's the last day of the IRO Rob Roy group buy, $160 for frame and fork

jasonguard 10-05-07 10:03 PM

Last I checked there was a Nashbar cross frame in the returned bin at (size large) for $64. I just got mine for just under $100 (w/coupons) and it rides real nice.

Elisdad 10-06-07 10:05 PM


Originally Posted by TheDL (Post 5402037)
Today's the last day of the IRO Rob Roy group buy, $160 for frame and fork

Does the original poster want a singlespeed though?

brew 10-07-07 01:02 AM

no, i got all excited till i looked at the frame. i really want to go gears, atleast for this bike. I appretiate the heads up though, it looked like a nice frame. The more i look at it, i think im going to try the nashbar frame. It seems like a decent price, and ive found a few people who have complained about them, but for the most part they seemed to be liked, atleast for the price.

kbabin 10-07-07 07:44 AM

Not sure if this is "buget"

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