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TimJ 10-09-07 12:20 PM

Ritchey WCS or FSA Energy
Given an injury and that my cx bike is a little small, I'm gonna sell it and build up a different bike for next year/the end of this year if I'm lucky.

I'm looking at cranks and I found a couple that are reasonably priced and seem pretty good, the older Ritchey WCS (black w/ machined aluminum edges) and the older (last model before current I believe) FSA Energy. The FSA is a little cheaper and a little lighter and takes an isis bb. The ritchey I just think is real cool looking and it takes an octalink bb.

Anyone have any experience w/ these or opinions on octalink vs. isis? Total w/ BB and shipping these would both be around $120-140, not including probably buying a different ring (single up front) and chainguide, so also any alternate recommendations within the same $$ range would be nice.

TimJ 10-09-07 02:07 PM

Whoops, I just realized they're both 130bcd and I want compact. Nevermind.

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