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some_dude 09-15-04 10:21 PM

You really can't see my bike all that great. But here's one of me going airborne last fall.

some_dude 09-15-04 10:27 PM

Ooops..bad link in previous post. Here's my ride. It is an older Redline with some cheapo components but it gets the job done.

Timo 09-16-04 01:41 AM

Spectacular!!! :)

BlastRadius 09-16-04 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by some_dude
You really can't see my bike all that great. But here's one of me going airborne last fall.

Very cool. Were they 16" barriers?

Schiek 09-16-04 08:30 PM

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Redline Conquest--I think it's a 2002, but I'm not sure. If anybody knows, do tell.

The frame, fork, stem, headset, and cranks are stock. Bought off e-bay. Everything else is new and after looking at what the original component list included (Sora, etc.), definitely an upgrade. We will see how she holds up in a race at the end of the month.

some_dude 09-16-04 10:19 PM

Yes, it was a triple set of 16" barricades. It really is not that hard, just carry some speed into a barricade and hope that you get up high enough because to not would be very very ugly when you are going that fast.

moose1 09-20-04 02:20 PM

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Here's my 2004 Axis. I love this thing. :D

BlastRadius 09-27-04 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by BlastRadius
My new racing machine...

Frame: 2003 Redline Team CX frame - Scandium, 48cm
Fork: Redline 7005 cross
Headset: Cane Creek S6, 1 1/8"
Stem: Profile H2O, -15, 90mm
Handlebar: Ritchey WCS, 42cm
Shifters/Brake Levers: Shimano 105, 5500
Brakes: Shimano LX M-System Cantilevers w/ Kool Stop Eagle2 pads
Wheelset: Performance Fuego wheelset
Tires: Ritchey SpeedMax Cross, 700x32c
Front Derailer: Shimano 105, 5500
Rear Derailer: Shimano 105, 5500
Bottom Bracket: Shimano Dura-Ace 7700, 109.5mm/68mm
Crankset: Shimano 105, 5500, w/ Ritchey 48/38 cross rings
Pedals: Time ATAC
Cassette: Shimano Ultegra, 12-25
Chain: SRAM PC59
Seatpost: American Classic, 250 x 27.2mm
Saddle: Selle Italia XO

Just had it weighed at the LBS, 19.5lbs on the dot with a Cateye Velo2 computer.

KrisA 09-28-04 08:26 AM

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My new 2005 Kona Jake the Snake:

I'm very happy with it, although the transition from a mtb is harder on my neck than I thought it would be! I can't get over the speed though, I can't wait to try it with slicks next summer. :eek:

Gravityhatesme 09-28-04 03:09 PM

My cross' bike is an old reliegh mtb that I put an extra wide BB on, to acomidate striaght cranks and a single chainring(currently a 42 tooth)I still have a casset in back, but hope to turn single speed soon.A straighter fork was put on,and narow tires.I hope to go to drops, and maybe 700c's with it by the end of the season.It weights maybe 25 pounds, proof a mtb bike can be cheap and light and reasonably effective for cross.investment so far:about 150 bucks!

jfmckenna 09-29-04 08:31 AM


Originally Posted by smurfy
Here are some pics of my early '70s Gitane that I modified into a 'cross "look alike":

Reynolds 531 frame (w/canti and cable braze ons added), Peugeot unicrown fork
Paint is DuPont Centara, Chevy truck white
Campy Strada crank (43t) w/homemade "bashgard"
B17 saddle
Chainstay guard is leather string from the fabric store wrapped around an old inner tube!

Cool bike.

Did you make that chain ring guard and are you using one on the inside as well?

55/Rad 09-29-04 02:35 PM

'02 Lemond Popad - with some goodies.


.Z. 10-01-04 07:20 PM

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My brand new Jake the snake 2005, arrived today...

Deej 10-02-04 02:45 PM


Nice bike. By now you must have a few miles behind you. What's the verdict?

.Z. 10-04-04 02:52 PM

It's a little bit heavier that i thought it would be but i'm very satisfied with how it handle. It deliver a very smooth ride an are very stable in the mud.

I'm gonna change seatpost and saddle and will shave 0,4 kg, the original saddle is horrible for me, to wide at the wrong place. I also gonna change to triple chainrings tho i wanna ride at singletracks.

A question: Can i fit a MTB-crank for instance a XT if i exchange the crankshaft (is that the right word?) and the front derilliair (spelling???)

Sorry for my bad english, i'm swedish...

some_dude 10-04-04 03:02 PM

1 Attachment(s) Here's a lil ride that I have been building over the summer. Full DA with Alpha Q fork, carbon bar, stem, and chain ring guard, Avid TI brakes, and those light Xero wheels.

BlastRadius 10-04-04 03:15 PM


Originally Posted by some_dude Here's a lil ride that I have been building over the summer. Full DA with Alpha Q fork, carbon bar, stem, and chain ring guard, Avid TI brakes, and those light Xero wheels.

Nice. Are those Xero XR-1 or XR-3 or XR-4 wheels? If they're XR-1, how are they holding up to off-road riding?

some_dude 10-04-04 07:06 PM

They are the Xero Lite XR 2. No problems with them so far. Had them for just under a year and they still do not need to be trued.

BlastRadius 10-05-04 11:00 AM

Thanks, the XR2 must be older... I don't see them on their website,

Syncros-CL6 10-05-04 05:47 PM

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Here is my new Soma Cross bike....only been ridden a few times since this is my first cross season....its a blast so far!

bpave777 10-06-04 11:30 PM

here's my Orbit, built up for commuting. i don't know too much about the frame. it was given to me by my brother, who has convinced me to try racing Cyclocross on it this season. it's a 57cm Reynolds 531. right now it's weighing in around 23 pounds. i've got some egg beaters and a short cage dura ace 9 speed derailleur on the way.

oldskoolboarder 10-07-04 10:11 AM

i'd change that white bar tape if you're gonna race...

bpave777 10-07-04 01:01 PM

wait, won't they just be brown/black after the race anyway <g>

Timo 10-11-04 07:45 AM

Syncros-CL6: isn't such an extreme slooping toptube a problem when shouldering your bike?

.Z. 10-11-04 08:06 AM

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Some new pics. of my 2005 Jake the snake in the swedish autumn. I've changed saddle and seatpost, the rest is original.

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