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rtruectoc 08-28-09 01:48 AM

have: surly pacer 56cm, silver, frame set, excellent condition

Want:cross check in similar condition

Cynikal 09-02-09 09:34 PM


Originally Posted by Cynikal (Post 9226825)
Have: a 02 54 Jamis Nova frame/fork (631 steel, kinesis fork) in good shape. The paint is chipped but these were known for that. This would also work well for a touring, there are tons of braze-ons including low-rider mount on the fork legs. Never did fit me right, it was just too small for me.

Want: a SS cross frame/fork in similar size. Doesn't need to be steel just fit and have either EBB or track ends.

PM me

Reposting closer to cross season with pic.

frankstoneline 09-03-09 12:40 PM

Have: 54cm EAI Bareknuckle, as a frame or a complete
Want: Your Crosscheck or similar cross frame with horizontal dropouts or a SS cross frame/complete bike.

iwegian 09-06-09 12:08 AM

have: 50 tooth 110 big ring.
want: 46/44 110 big ring.

i want one really bad. i have some random things. let me know what you have, i can't stand having a 50tooth big ring.

Skuda25 09-10-09 01:12 PM

46 and 44 110BCD
I have booth 44 and 46 110BCD.

Let me know yout email address. and we can deal!!!!

thatguy 09-19-09 09:03 PM


CaliBuddha 09-19-09 09:49 PM

Im thinking about trading my 29er MTB for a Cross bike... Anyone interested?

I also have an older Marin Palisades Trail mtb frame that Ive sanded down that I would trade for a cross frame.

Any interest?

mildcal 09-25-09 06:42 PM

I have a Motobecane/Ultegra road bike and would like a cross bike.

Cynikal 10-07-09 09:14 AM


Originally Posted by Cynikal (Post 9604891)
Reposting closer to cross season with pic.


onespeedfreak 10-08-09 06:35 AM

Have: new Salsa Chili Con Crosso frameset size 51. i ordered the wrong size :(

Want: Salsa Chili Con Crosso frameset size 49

TimJ 10-13-09 05:05 PM

I would like to trade 1 Tektro CR720 (that is, one brake) for 1 Shimano BR-R550. Or I could trade a set of tektro oryx (2 brakes) for 1 br-r550. Or I think I could do 1 cr720 and 1 oryx, but I'm not sure I have a loose oryx or not.

I just need a r550 and I'm broke, is the deal.

Oooo! I think I have some tektro inline brake levers! I could trade those for a r550.

scrub 10-19-09 09:30 PM

Looking for an outer chainring 46, 48 maybe even a 50 130bcd
I have a set of shimano 105 aero brake levers a 42t/130 shimano ring and an older shimano 600 43t/130 black chainring, maybe some other stuff.

j. hughes 10-20-09 09:10 AM

NVM, found something on ebay.

babychris 11-22-09 09:51 PM

I have a 55cm elite magnus. brand new, never used frame only. I also have a whole bunch of track parts.

im looking for some sort of a 54-55cm cross bike/frame.

please email me chrisraimonte at gmail dot com

cyclotoine 11-25-09 11:23 AM


WTB road mountain drop bar oversized
44cm cannondale (control tech) drop bar, oversized
44cm control tech drop bar, oversized (shortish reach and drop)
44cm nitto noodle bar
stuff in signature link
other stuff too


Brooks b17s or other sprung brooks saddles
46 or 48 cm nitto noodle bars
tektro 720 canti set in black (don't need pads but would like hangers)
silver threadless stem around 70mm (have to double check for exact sizing) for 25.4 or 26.0 bar.

moralleper 11-25-09 08:31 PM

I have a Oval Concepts M400 Seatpost 27.2x350MM with 28mm of setback.
Oval Concepts M400 46cm drop bar 31.8 clamp.

seatpost collar clamp 31.8mm
Salsa Bell Lap 31.8mm bar
46t 130BCD outer ring with ramps and pins

M_S 11-29-09 10:46 PM

Have: 29er wheelset. Stock from my redline D660. Redline sealed bearing hubs (ISO disc, 8/9 speed cassette) laced to WTB laserdisc rims. Rims are in ok shape, hubs are heavy but still spin very well. I also have an extra freehub body I'll include. rims are de-stickered if it matters. NVM, Gone

Want: Singlespeed cross frame. Might not be an even trade, but let me know what else you might want, I have stuff floating around. Or just let me know about anything you want to trade for the wheels, I'm not using them at all. Don't need it anymore.

fender1 12-05-09 01:26 PM

Want: 46 tooth 110bcd outside chainring compatible w/ 10 speed index shifting.

Have: Tons of stuff. What are you looking for?

IAMTB 01-20-10 12:17 PM

Have: 58cm Windsor Cyclo frame w/Carbon fork
32 spoke stock wheelset
Tektro Oryx brakes with pads(used but lots of life left)

Want: Brooks saddle - unsprung preferably brown but not mandatory
29er mtb wheelset or rear wheel
soft riding steal 29er fork
H Bar

333foto 02-25-10 01:07 PM

have: a Tufo Prestige (28) tubular tire. used for one race season, has sealant inside, i had a slow leak, but i think it may have been from the valve extender as there is no visible puncture anywhere. i think this thing goes for $70+

want: will trade for whatever, maybe a small jersey?

kdboxerdog 02-26-10 01:27 PM

Ill try again...I have a medium (about a 55 top tube)On-One Il Pompino (track ends) complete. Kinesis alu fork, 135mm Surly fixed/free rear hub on a velocity aerohead (one season on it), dura ace crankset, thompson post, flite saddle, etc. Looking for a mountain bike, late 80's - 90's steel road bike, or surprise me...PM me for pics.

availpunk9 03-02-10 07:45 PM

I've ordered the wrong bash guard... so it's up for trade...

Have: BBG 42T 110 BCD superlight bash guard w/ verified 27.1 g weight

Want: a CR 720 brake, 9 or 10 sp chain, some descent skewers

KonAaron Snake 03-10-10 11:01 PM

Hi Folks,

I'm looking for a parts group from a cyclocross bike to build up a sports touring build. I'd like 105/deore level parts and up with a compact or triple front. Anything from 8sp to 10sp would be considered if it's in good condition.


Rear Derailleur
STI, SRAM or ergo brakes/shifters
front derailleur
compact cranks
cantis (in an ideal world I'd like either purple pauls or older XTs)

I DON'T need the saddle, seat post, headset, bottom bracket, stem or bars.

Have (mostly vintage road stuff):

classic road frame...a 1995 Colnago Master Olympic in excellent condition. Columbus Gilco tubing - 54cm. Has athena bottom bracket and chorus headset
swallowized brooks b-17
8sp dura ace front and rear hubs (rear is uniglide)
campy record front hub laced to superchampion tubular rim
athena aero levers
random stuff

renyay 03-22-10 12:21 AM

*Silver Cantilever Brakes. (Ideally, a pair of frogglegs style for the front and something comparable to XTR for the back. Or just a full set of XTR, or Frogglegs (or similar style) brakes.)
*Tri Dangle brake hangers
*26.0 cyclocross (auxillary) brake levers
*good quality cross tires
*Locking security skewers
*Chain wear measuring tool
*Derailleur Hanger Alignment Gauge

Ritchy drop cross bars, 44cm.
*Sora triple crank set
*600 triangle style pedals
*Titec 110mm or 120mm stem silver
*FSA 110mm Stem black
*Nearly complete tange/ird 1" sealed bearing headsets... pink and gold annodized. Missing races. (These would be great for a mechanic who can order replacement races. Merry sales should have them, if not now, at some point).
*set of single speed cassette spacers
*shimano spd pedals
*lotsa older road bike parts

Any combo of stuff you have for stuff i want to trade is great! P.M. me.

clayborne 04-20-10 12:11 AM

waterford cross frame. 51st by 55.5 tt. Grey/champange color, new paint but nicks and such, small crimp from front derailuer, with lugs and lugged fork. Trade for something equal in value and style (high end steel/ti) for something with smaller tt. [email protected]

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