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dessert1st 09-27-04 02:24 PM

Pedals - Candy SL's vs ATAC's?
I'm looking for some better pedals. Did my first cross race with older Ritchey mountain pedals and had a really tough time getting clipped in. My cleats seemed to get hung up and I couldn't slide my foot around to center and snap in.

Any feedback on pedals would be appreciated. I've heard good things about the Crank Brothers Candy SL's (Egg Beater style) and Time ATAC's. Although now there's supposed to be a new ATAC (ATAC XS?), are they any good?

Thanks, Ed

DPCX 09-27-04 02:43 PM

I have/had the new Atac XS carbon/ti's on my bike but find them harder to find while re-mounting.

This pass weekend i decided to put my old Atac carbons on both bikes & had no problem, even with a TON of damp/sandy running. Has anyone else had trouble with the new Atac's?

On the other hand, i have a team mate that swears by the Eggbeaters (not the candy style). Either of these would be a defineate advantage over the Ritchey's for cross. That my oppinion.


oldskoolboarder 09-27-04 02:50 PM

I used the Candys for a bit before really trying mounts/dismounts. I found it hard to click out fast w/ the SL's. I used X3's on my SS roadie so I moved to Frogs on my CX. WAY easier to disengage, one less thing to worry. Seems a lot of CXer's prefer ATACs though.

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