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kahless85 10-02-04 08:47 PM

Surly Cross Check Rear Brake Cable Hanger Question
I have only worked on road bikes, and I am currently building up a cross check frame (no experience with cantilever brakes). I was getting ready to install the rear brake and noticed that the cable hanger (hope i'm using the right term) attached to the seat post clamp bolt wouldn't work the way it is. Hoping someone can help.

Three questions:

1. When the seat post is tight, the hanger still is loose. I'm assuming this is normal and that the tension of the cable keeps it at the right angle. Is this correct?

2. It looks as though i will need some kind of insert to act as an actual cable stop. I looked in the box and can't find one that came with it. Does anyone have experience with this set up? If so, what kind of hardware do I need and where can I get it?

3. For the front brake, I will also need a headset spacer/cable hanger. Can anyone reccommend one that is ''long''. The one that i have is too close to my stem and requires an aggressive cable bend to make things happen.

Thanks in advance.

BlastRadius 10-02-04 09:21 PM

1. Loose is OK. The brake cable tension will hold it in place.
2. A ferrule on the cable end and the tension will be the cable stop.

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