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pyze-guy 11-26-13 01:18 PM

Here you go


nickw 11-27-13 01:32 PM

I was really into Observed Trials for a number of years, I got really good an bunnyhopping up and over stuff and now am hooked on CX. I figured Iíd kill it over the barriers Ė ha. Itís all fine and dandy in the park with my stupid little PVC barriers, itís different when the run-up is muddy, your HR is pegged and the barriers donít move when you hit themÖno to mention having bars that are 4Ē lower than your seat.

Itís fun for the crowds, but not needed AT ALL to do well. Itís also very situational. At least in PDX where I race, the barriers are all full height (UCI Legal)..none of those nancy short fellersÖ.and they are REALLY close. I can count a handful of barriers that would benefit a bunnyhopper, the rest are doable maybe, but pointless.

All things being equal itís another tool to use in the right situation, but itís a 1% advantage while spending time dialing in your bike, working on corners and interval work is the 99% that is going to make a difference.

With that being said, it accounts for 99% of the cheers on the courseÖ.that by itself is worth the effort.

LittleJon 12-13-13 11:04 AM

Love your ideas. Except the words "dirt crit" make me shudder: too many flat, boring, crit-like cross races around these parts.

But yes, the euros are starting to discover the fun of BMX-like pump sections in cross races:

denisesewa 12-25-13 07:30 PM 1:15

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