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Johnny Rebel 03-15-14 05:38 AM

I've ridden all sorts of gravel and dirt roads on 28 Vittoria randonneurs and 99% of the time this is enough rubber if it is an actual "road" meant to be passable by car. However, for ATV/Jeep/snowmobile trails, etc. I am happy on 700x35 (the fattest tire I can fit).

oleritter 03-15-14 12:03 PM

Soma C Lines or B Lines, 38mm...

These are Pasela's without the stiff puncture protect casing. Get the pressure right for best results. These won't take much away from paved sections, but give a lot of comfort and traction over a long day.

Alot depends on your gravel and course, and if you are a potential top ten finisher or winner, skinny tires because that's what your rivals will have.

Willis24 03-15-14 01:31 PM

I just took a set of Halo Twin Rails 700x38's on a 35+ mile all gravel route and at 50psi their performance was flawless.

aciresi132 03-17-14 06:31 PM

Does anyone have experience with Kenda small block tires?

LesterOfPuppets 03-17-14 09:20 PM

I have about 200 miles on WTB All Terrain. Got em for $30 a pair and like them a lot

Barrettscv 03-18-14 08:55 AM


Originally Posted by aciresi132 (Post 16586984)
Does anyone have experience with Kenda small block tires?

I have the Happy Medium which is similar. This tire is very fast with plenty of traction for wet gravel. These Kendra tires feel light and might not have the strongest flat protection. No flats to report so far.

Niloc 03-24-14 01:09 AM

I just rode the Gran Fondo Ephrata on 28s. A Pasela tourguard up front and a Conti gatorskin in the back. Worked great. About 30 of the 80 miles of this ride was gravel. Definitely driveable gravel, except for one gnarly section, could have had a mountain bike for that section, but it was only a couple miles, so doesn't make sense to make gear choices on such a small percentage of the route. Of course for the 50 miles of paved road you appreciated the 28s.

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