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fiatjeepdriver 12-09-13 03:18 PM


Originally Posted by Niloc (Post 16301940)
and I just googled it, that's a sweet steel frame. did you get it?

Not yet, I'll have to wait until tax refund time. I figured since we were currently in cyclocross season this forum would have more traffic. I guess Ritchey might be sending some demo's to my LBS so I will get to try it before I buy it.

tracksloth 01-07-14 09:01 PM

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I recently acquired a SwissCross frame, so thought I would share my first impressions. Not many miles on it yet, but enough to know I'm into it. I'll try to be comprehensive and concise to the best of my ability.

SwissCross 2.0 2012 51cm
3t Arx II pro + Rotundo Pro + Lizard skins
Campy Record 10s Rt shifter + Record Lft brake lever
Centaur RD
Avid Shorty Ultimate
Sram Force Crankset now with ti c-ring bolts + Ceramic GXP + Eggbeaters
Campy Protons + Resist Nomad 35c's (ti skewers in the mail)
Thomson post (soon to be 3t team carbon)
Specialized Romin ti (now changed to Fizik Antares kium)
Gearing needs work: 44t was striking the stay so has a 39 for no. Bash guard is sufficient for me. Not dropping any chains with my application.
~17lbs or so

The construction is very nice, solid and feels efficient under power. Much thought went into the design. No complaints there. The headtube is sweet, the lugged dropouts, the finish.
If you're buying at msrp you might look at other alternatives cause seems to me TR has got some balls charging what they are for a tig-welded chinese manufactured product. At that price you're expecting a filleted-personally-by-the-man-himself, right? Well they pulled a fast one when they debuted that particular frame, sorry guys. That aside, it's still a great frame. Not hand-tooled by the master but well-made nonetheless. I got mine used for a much better price, but it was still a lot. Sold my 2001 Bianchi mega-L Pro/Ultegra 6503 to fund it, and I had all the campy parts from previous builds. Threw down for the frame and calipers and that's it, so that's my justification to myself or whatever.

Now, the OP is looking to replace his Doublecross and that's not a bad plan. It'll be lighter, zippier, better suited to cx racing. Personally, I am not racing but wanted a light, modern fat-tire road bike for wider applications than my road bikes can handle. Eyelets would have been great to have. Why only on the Breakaway? That ****'s even more $$. Anyway..
The frameset is reasonably light, possibly the lightest, among production steel frames. Little tricks here and there keep the weight down, like the rear brake "stop" and integrated headtube/headset. The tubing is TR double(?) butted special tubing or some such. Pretty certain it's just Tange, but double or triple-butted, can't remember which.

If the image worked, you can see I set up a 1x10 campy drive. Mainly cause I already had the parts and they were already being used on a 1x10 cross build, so it was an easy swap and works nicely, looks sharp too imo. The seat tube takes a 28.6 front der. clamp FYI. I was nervous about that rear brake "stop" at first but turns out it's no big deal. I'm looking for a longer piece of tubing to match the other side but for now got a hose bit from a sram derailleur ferrule and it works just fine. The front mech routes along the downtube instead of the TT, by the way, so that's another factor which naturally led me to the 1x10 setup. The front brake cable noodle is integrated into the headset so the cup needs to be very tight (how, else?). It may go out of alignment from time to time but it's a minor annoyance and I have not noticed it significantly impact function.

If you're planning on making the plunge on one of these, you won't be disappointed, just study the sizing chart very carefully. Compact geometry on this. Works very well for this type of bike and gives it even more of a leg up over crosschecks et al. (which are touring bikes anyways). I ride custom geometries. 55x53.5 is my preferred size. If it's not custom sizes its 54cm standard. So I got this in a 51cm cause 53cm would have been too long. Just be careful and match up the effective tt size. As always, it is best to test ride, if possible. I am super glad i got this frame. Fits very well and compact geo allows the use of a smaller frame while keeping the saddle-to-bar drop manageable. If I was racing pro I might forgo steel in favor of a lighter bike to stay competitive but for any other application it's plenty light, rugged and efficient. The Ritchey fork is fantastic, and goes a long way in keeping the grams down.

If you want a fun project and a bit of an upgrade over the soma at a comparable price, I couldn't recommend the SwissCross 2.0 more. Go for it.

fiatjeepdriver 01-08-14 12:54 AM

Thanks for the reply :beer: I should be ordering it some time in February.

fiatjeepdriver 02-09-14 01:09 AM

So I ordered the frame today. Here is the build (using some spare parts to save a bit of money right now)

55 cm frame
wcs wet red seatpost
wcs c269 wet white stem
3t ergonova pro handlebar - I had it on hand and may switch to a wcs or thomson later in the year
sram force shifters and derailluers
dura ace 7800 crank with sram 46/38 rings - might change it up later but it's what I had
trp euro x magnesium white and red
105 hubs laced to h+son archetype rims - everyday wheelset for races I'll be going tubular either hed c2's or lightbike carbon
xtr pedals
jagwire road pro cables with white housing
selle italia prolink saddle
esi rct black bar tape - I highly recommend this stuff, I got to beta test it last year and have it on most of my drop bar bikes. I had black on hand but will probably switch to white at some point.

fietsbob 02-09-14 12:40 PM

White tape , for racing CX, ? guess you will replace it often ..

fiatjeepdriver 02-09-14 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by fietsbob (Post 16481094)
White tape , for racing CX, ? guess you will replace it often ..

the esi stuff cleans up pretty well, I'd do red but they don't have red tape right now.

fietsbob 02-09-14 03:02 PM

Lizard Skins tape is pricy but grippy when wet.. check it out . think they have a CX version for adverse conditions.

fiatjeepdriver 02-09-14 09:45 PM

I've thought about using lizard skins but I really like the ESI bar tape and they are a team sponsor so...

tracksloth 02-10-14 10:46 PM

Good man! I looked up the esi, it looks good, gotta feel and see in person. I might give it a try next time i'm in the market for tape. Right now my fav is probably the thick Prologo stuff. Don't recall the series name but it looks like leather and feels incredibly kush. Those TRP's are gonna look sick on the Swiss!! I swapped my (black) set for the Avids just cause I found them for a great price and they are supposed to be tops, plus I went with the black/red theme.

Anyway, keep us updated with that build. I'm particularly interested in the rear brake setup. I figure it's not gonna be a problem for you on your 55, but on my 51 the studs seem a touch high up on the seatstay, so my rear pads only contact about 60% of the rim sidewall. I've heard the issue come up before and the only solution seems to be contact Ritchey for a replacement. Before I resort to that I'm gonna fiddle with the calipers a bit and try to work it out. Maybe a different caliper would work. Not sure. Anyway, this probably won't apply to your sich so whatever, nevermind. Have fun with the build!

fiatjeepdriver 02-13-14 01:17 AM

A bunch of stuff came in for the build! A local wheel builder has the front done and will do the rear tomorrow or Friday, it's looking like it will be @1800g which isn't too bad for a bulletproof trail/training wheelset. The frame should be in Friday, I guess I'm getting the last 55 QBP had. My lbs was going to go through Ritchey but they are out until April (and I guess they laughed at my suggestion of having Tom whip one up for me).

fietsbob 02-13-14 01:31 PM

I suspect they come off a container ship too .. taipei .

TR subs out Manufacturing there for the other stuff .

fiatjeepdriver 02-17-14 11:51 AM

Well the bike is in and mostly built up. I need to swap the brakes from my soma over and I'll be doing a bike fit Wednesday on my day off so I'll have pictures then. This bike looks great and should weigh in at @19# with my everyday wheelset and probably close to 18# in race trim.

fiatjeepdriver 02-18-14 03:57 PM

Here it is. I dropped off my soma to have the brakes swapped over and got the spacers figured out to get the steerer tube cut.

I'm really liking how this looks.

fiatjeepdriver 02-19-14 06:23 PM

I really like how this rides. I didn't have a lot of time to ride it today just a quick 20 miles. I was hoping the seat post would have matched a little better but I'm still happy with the purchase.

justin1138 02-20-14 10:39 AM

nice looking build! glad to see you were able to get one. i hope it's an awesome bike for you.

tracksloth 02-20-14 12:42 PM

Looking good man. I also really love how the ride feel. And it's a pretty light frame for a 3xbutted tubeset, no? How's the fit?

fietsbob 02-20-14 03:28 PM

FD cable stop on the DT right side seems the right spot , given dominance of bottom pull FD's ..
& the running with the bike shouldered, from the left, , its out of the way.

my CX Pinnarello has the RD and brake on the TT and used a shift lever boss on the left side of the DT
wish they hadn't , but the Italians were not asking me first.

fiatjeepdriver 02-22-14 01:31 AM

The fit is pretty good though I still need to have a few things fine-tuned. I couldn't make the fitting I was supposed to have so I'm trying to find a day that will work for me to one. I think I'll lower the bars a bit and the saddle needs to go back a few mm's. Now to save up for a nice tubular wheelset with some fmb's.

fiatjeepdriver 05-08-14 02:17 PM

After putting a few hundred miles I can say I love this bike. I did change out the front brake for a mini v since I was getting a lot of chatter and that has made a world of difference, though I still need to get a different top for my headset. I'm actually planning on doing some short track xc races on this bike.

Here it is with some new bar tape, mini v's and some challenge strada bianca

Mint Sauce 05-15-14 05:22 AM


Originally Posted by fiatjeepdriver (Post 16741335)
I did change out the front brake for a mini v since I was getting a lot of chatter and that has made a world of difference, though I still need to get a different top for my headset.

I made the exact same mod to mine: TRP cantilever to mini-v up front, and indeed, it's a much nicer set-up this way.

What did you use to cover the rear brake cable where it runs through the little eyelet near the seat post? Thx!

fiatjeepdriver 05-15-14 08:53 AM

It's a cable liner. Mostly used for internal routing but for canti's and u brakes it helps reduce friction in setups like this.

fiatjeepdriver 06-05-14 10:21 AM

I had the bike in the stand so I snapped a picture of the challenge tires I've been using lately. They are great on both gravel and paved roads, they have also seen some easy single track.

grolby 06-05-14 06:48 PM

I put together one of these last month, built it up with a mix of parts I had on my old cyclocross bike and a few new-to-me ones. 105 5600 derailleurs, old SRAM Rival crank, Ultegra 6600-SL shifters. Running a mini-v on the front seems to be the thing to do - that's my setup as well, with a TRP CX 8.4 in front and a Tektro Oryx cantilever in back. My original plan was to run the CX 8.4s front and rear, but the cable guide on the Swiss Cross means a cantilever in back is the only really sensible option. I'm using the liner from a v-brake noodle to protect the frame and reduce friction through the cable guide.

Unlike a couple of you, this is actually my cyclocross racing bike. I haven't got a lot of off-road riding in with it just yet, but my initial impressions are good; it's a cross bike, after all. Nothing complicated there. The bottom bracket it just a touch higher than I'm used to, but not Euro-high, so I figure I'll adapt pretty quickly. The ride of this frame is really nice, very supple. On single track, I don't know that the benefits of that are super noticeable, it's either nice and smooth no matter what, or bouncy enough that only a suspension fork would noticeably soften things up. On a bumpy grass field on a cyclocross course, though, it should help to smooth things out a bit. We will see. I'm looking forward to starting my cyclocross base training next month, as I'll be able to switch over to riding this bike full-time and really get a feel for it.

fiatjeepdriver 06-05-14 10:10 PM

Mine will definitely be a race bike but since I have a few more months until race time might as well enjoy it. I'm actually thinking about doing some short track xc races on this month. I agree on the ride quality, this is a comfortable bike.

cycledog1 05-03-15 11:48 PM

so, how is this swisscross on the road, ie, have you used it as well on any extensive road runs? or is this really a nearly exclusive off road ride? the high BB is the issue for me, if I want to use for both. love the look, always have, and the disc version is out now.

anyone use theirs as their road ride as well?

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