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singingcat0717 12-05-13 01:25 AM

Fuji feather cx 13 vs Masi cx comp ?

I am new to CX.

My goal: commuting on weekdays, go out of city on weekends. Im in Pittsburgh, it rains a lot in summer and snows a lot in winter.

My budget: $800-1200 ish

I looked around and found fuji feather cx and Masi cx comp. i don't know how to choose. Or, if anyone have any other suggestions?

dejock 12-06-13 11:00 AM

I'd look into the Feather CX 1.1 instead of the 1.3 just based on drivetrain alone. Also, the Fuji Touring comes with a rack, so, one less expense to make the commute a little easier.

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