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gnawthrough 12-11-13 05:54 PM

Trek Crockett issue, help please!
I know a couple of people in this forum have built up a Crockett. I've recently picked up one myself and have had an issue with it.

The problem that I'm having is installing the headset. Maybe I picked up an incorrect headset, but I just grabbed a standard integrated tapered headset from BBB, this one specifically.
They cups both seem to be too tight in the frame? I've never installed an integrated headset that didn't just fit in easily. I attempted to press the cups in but didn't want to damage anything so I stopped.

If anyone who has built one of these can recommend an exact headset model + any install procedures they used it would be so so awesome.
I'd love to be able to post up a picture ASAP so you guys can see the final build! Campy Chorus 9spd with record levers +avid shorty ultimates!

Thanks in advance

jsigone 12-11-13 06:39 PM

buy the headset bearings from Trek, they know what works with the frame and fork. If you got the frameset, it SHOULD have came with the bearing kit.

Andy_K 12-11-13 07:06 PM

According to the Cane Creek headset fit finder, you need an integrated headset with a 41mm upper diameter and a 52mm lower diameter. The BBB site doesn't list that information for the headset you linked to, but the replacement bearings are listed as 41.8/51.8, which might explain what you're seeing.

I don't have a Crockett, but if the Cane Creek information is correct then you need this upper:

with this lower:

linus 12-12-13 07:50 PM

There are two IS standards. 41mm and 42mm ID.

fietsbob 12-13-13 11:46 AM

Looks like BBB dropped their US/CDN distributor, I dont see any in NA listed on their site.

gnawthrough 12-16-13 06:07 PM

Thanks for all the help guys. I ended up emailing Trek a couple of times and getting the info for the bottom bearing. It does use a proprietary bottom bearing, the same as the current gen of Madones. The top is a standard IS 41 bearing so I have one of those on order aswell! Very excited to get this bike built up when the top bearing shows up in a couple of days.

fietsbob 01-03-14 01:16 PM

1st Crockett, now Boone ..

& seems like Nys is under contract as a cross marketing help.

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