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telebianchi 01-08-14 04:08 PM

As someone who rides an eleven year old Fuji Cross and a 2014 Trek Domane, I think I need to start saving up my money:

fietsbob 01-08-14 05:16 PM

yea seems a good mix of the 2 , the domane seat suspension and wider tire capacity..

even better if you get Sven Nys as a motor transplant.

Ghost Ryder 01-09-14 04:47 PM

Thanks to Nys!

He's the reason I have my Konas, & really got into CX'n.

fietsbob 01-09-14 04:52 PM

they just hired him, promotionally, he has no job on the design staff

like Nike ,
wear the gear and look good with the Logo prominently displayed on the Podium

Or Lance. <ducks>

Ghost Ryder 01-09-14 04:59 PM

Having Nys, Compton helps big time!
Bigger names sell more bikes, you can't say they didn't have plans on signing these 2.

It just so happens/ its alleged , this may be Nys last season too.
"I better buy one cause it will be the last he rides..."

Trek can't have a US champ in road cycling, they dropped Horner.
So they go for the closest thing in CX, Compton, & her stars, & stripes/Red, white, & blue.
Trek knows what they're doing!

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