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Tattookaz 02-05-14 05:51 AM

2014 crux expert red
Just picked this up on eBay and it's in the shop getting put together and some changes. Can't wait for the ice to melt. If it ever does.
Anyone have this bike and how do they like it?
I'm using it for the road not cyclocross

BluesDawg 02-05-14 09:01 PM

What brakes? The Red hydros were recalled.

Tattookaz 02-05-14 09:07 PM

The were replaced already with RED22 mechanical levers and BB7-SL brakes front & rear.
I had a crux evo on order for months and was told it would be almost June before I got it. That's why I went to eBay.

Lars Halstrom 03-03-14 12:08 PM

I'm looking at a used 2014 Crux EVO Rival disc with the replacement mechanical brakes. I'm wondering if it's better to keep them than have the new hydraulics put back on? I'm also wondering if the mechanical brake cable routing is okay for this bike that had no brake cable routing before? Also this bike has the 50-34 compact chainrings instead of the 46-36. Does this mean hill climbing will be a little tougher?


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