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gescom 02-21-14 06:20 AM

Just bought a Tricross with wrong crank length
Just purchased a new 2013 Specialized Tricross Sport, size 54cm. The frame fits great. Love the geometry and bike, well designed. However...

The Specialized webpage for this bike (under specs) lists that a size 54 medium frame should have 172.5mm size Sora cranks. The bike has 170mm Sora instead.

Unfortunately missed that when purchasing the bike.

Another issue is there's only one mounting point/eyelet (for a rack/mudguards) above the rear axle. I think this is intentional due to the seatstay mounted disc brakes (they get in the way of installing rack and mudguards anyway).

2014 Tricross models have the disc brakes installed on the chainstay which means that you won't have any problems fitting a rack and fenders for commuting. They also have two eyelets near the rear axle. Should have bought a 2014 model bike then..

Barrettscv 02-21-14 06:53 AM

Did you buy the bike new from the dealer? They should remedy the problem, if you did.

gescom 02-22-14 08:12 AM

Yes, I bought the Tricross new from a Specialized dealer.

Looks like the rear disc brake rotor is 160mm instead of 140mm which should be on the 2013 model. That's again the wrong size being bigger, but I won't be complaining about that! Still BB5 brakes though.

Kind of dreading contacting the store where I purchased it really. Brakes weren't properly set up by the mechanic and the store owner was very anti-internet, mocking me (or whatever I learnt from reading online). That sucked. I usually get a few extras when purchasing a bike, but felt that they didn't care and wanted me out of there. Was happy to get out of there too. Tried to support the LBS but I don't want to go back there.

I will contact the store and email the Specialized distributor. (Edit- just emailed Specialized instead)

Barrettscv 02-22-14 09:06 AM


Originally Posted by gescom (Post 16517277)

I will contact the store and email the Specialized distributor.

Be patient but persistent. Most bike shop managers are grouchy. But most will also take the right action to help a customer.

Noun: grouch; plural noun: grouches

synonyms: grumbler, complainer, moaner, curmudgeon;
informal: grump, sourpuss, whiner, sorehead, crab
"an ill-mannered grouch"

gescom 02-22-14 09:42 AM

:) Spot on about bike shop managers Barrettscv. Haha, Lol.

Thanks for your wise words! Patient but persistent I like. :)

Had a change of mind... I think the 170mm cranks will be fine and will be keeping them. The 160mm rotors on the back brakes were a nice addition! It's definitely worth checking the bike over before buying to know exactly what you're getting.

Had an email reply from Specialized, they were happy to change the cranks to the proper size for me. However that would need to be done through the dealer/LBS.

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