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Barrettscv 03-03-14 03:56 PM

Panaracer and Compass bring out a range of gravel tires
The Panaracer Gravelking will be available in March 2014 in 700 x 23, 26 and 28 sizes. Larger 700 x 32, 35 sizes will arrive later this year. Lightweight with bead to bead flat protection and a textured tread pattern, the tire is ready for a wide range of bikes and uses.

Compass is also bring out their own range of gravel tires. The range is made for them by Panaracer, but are their own exclusive molds, designs and tread patterns. The center section uses straight ribs, and cornering grip is provided by chevronned ribs, all very low profile. Six sizes are available, each getting its own name inspired by some of their favorite bits of riding:

Cayuse Pass 700C x 26 mm
Chinook Pass 700C x 28 mm
Stampede Pass 700C x 32 mm
Barlow Pass 700C x 38 mm
Loup Loup Pass 650B x 38 mm
Babyshoe Pass 650B x 42 mm

adaminlc 03-04-14 02:32 AM

I like seeing the wider tires, since for me "gravel" riding usually means "sand" riding.

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