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RaleighB 03-07-14 01:33 PM

Looking for help replacing components...
Took my new bike out the other day for the fifth time and promptly crashed it pretty good. Now that pretty much everything on the drive side it beat up I'm looking for suggestions on upgrades. It's a New Machoman Disc so I'll be replacing the 105 black medium cage rear derailure, both 105 STI shift levers, and the FSA Gossamer black crankset. I will probably go with Chris King BB, hubs and headset. After that I'm not too sure where to go. Looking for help from the community. Money is not an issue and I would like it to be re-buildable and very durable. (As I tend to beat on my stuff pretty good.) Thanks!!!

Andy_K 03-07-14 04:31 PM

Hmmm.... I'm not sure how to interpret your post. I'm having a hard time picturing a crash that requires replacing BB, hubs and headset, so I'm leaning toward reading this as, "A lot of stuff got scratched up, so this seems like as good a time as any to trick it out." But then you mention that you'd like re-buildable and durable.

Re-buildable, as you have possibly just learned the hard way, pretty much rules out Shimano STI. You could go with SRAM Red or, if you really want to go bling, Campy (though there's something distinctly not right about Campy on a Macho Man, philosophically speaking -- even SRAM Red is a stretch). Another option which leads to "re-buildable and very durable" but doesn't use nearly as much of your available budget as you might like is Retroshift. Their stuff looks...uh...different, but it works great, is as close to bombproof as shifters get and is the only thing on the market that's actually designed with CX-like riding conditions in mind.

You choice of shifters will dictate what options you have for rear derailleur.

Crankset? I have a hard time getting excited about cranksets. The English bottom bracket on your bike keeps you out of the market for some of the really light stuff. If you go with SRAM shifters, a Red crankset would look nice with it.

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