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RobE30 03-22-14 06:47 AM

Fisticuff questions
I think this is the best subforum to post this question. What is the widest tire you can (or have) fit on a Vassago Fisticuff? They say it has clearance for a 29x1.8 but there's always a little more room than they say. I'm looking to put together a bike that is comfortable on the road or cruising some local mtb trails, so that's why I want the widest tire possible. I was looking at the Specialized AWOL but it's almost $2,000 and I'd like to keep my wife happy with me

Barrettscv 03-22-14 07:41 AM

I'm using up to a 29x2 on my Origin8 CX900 Monstercross Bike. I find the very large tires to be heavy and to be overkill in almost every situation.

fietsbob 03-22-14 01:19 PM

Why ask here where the buyer may be rare to nil, why not ask them directly? vassagocycles - Contact Us

only took a moment , I found them I'M Quoting ..

If you must, you can stuff 1.9 29er tires but mud clearance will suffer.
then they suggest a 650b conversion. for more width.

Info wasn't that hard at all, to find ..

you may want a real 29er ..

RobE30 03-22-14 03:51 PM

I like to gather real world input from people that don't have any legal reason to tell me or not to tell me something. I know it may sound a little conspiracy theorist but I was told by Specialized that my 29er Stumpjumper could only fit a 2.1 tire and I'm running 2.25 without a problem.

Thanks for contacting Vassago for me!

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