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c00lhandluke 03-24-14 03:32 AM

Tire/ wheel compatibility
I'm wondering if there are limitations on how wide a tire you can put on a "typical" road wheel. Specifically, I have an older set of dura-ace wheels (2007) that came on a racing bike, and I wanted to put some beefier tires, 30-32s, on them for gravel and trying CX. Am I safe?
BTW, they will be going on a hybrid with enough room between the forks.

Barrettscv 03-24-14 05:57 AM

Welcome to Bikeforums. Yes, 30-32 will not be an issue for rims that are 19mm wide, outside dimension.

Kobe 03-24-14 08:46 AM

Does the rim have a diameter marked on it? You can use Sheldon Brown's chart about 3/4's of the way down on this page.

Tire Sizing Systems

c00lhandluke 03-24-14 04:13 PM

Thanks to both of you. I checked my wheels and the number I see is 622x15c. I looked at Sheldon Brown's chart, and my tires are within the "safe" range. Happy to be saved the money that a new wheel set would cost. Now if we could only do something about the weather up here. Almost April and we had minus 20 up here this morning.

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