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Skankingbiker 03-25-14 09:58 AM

ANyone do a Gravel Grinder on a fat bike?
Looking for experiences, pros/cons. I am signed up for a basically flat 167, 2 day gravel grinder next month on what may be very soggy and unmanicured rail trails given the unending winter we are having in the midwest. There is a 50 mile stretch of loose gravel on an ATV trail.

I am toying with the idea of riding my pugsley necromancer. Main problem is the thing must weigh 40 lbs....most of the weight is in the Devist8er 3.7 tires and surly tubes. I can swap the tubes for lighter downhill ones, but upgrading tires (at $80+ bucks a piece) is out of the question.

My alternative is my repurposed gary fisher wahoo with a surly 1x1 rigid fork, 1x9 drivetrain, Midge bars, brooks saddle, thudbuster seatpost, and WTB 26 x 2.0 allterrainasaurus tires.

fietsbob 03-25-14 12:12 PM

Way out here one use that people do is, with their State Shellfish Licence in hand,

put a shovel and their "Clam Gun" on the bikes and stalk the Tasty Bivalves on the beach .

.Cricket 03-25-14 03:44 PM

Adventure Monkey did the Rebecca's Private Idaho last year on a fatbike.

You searched for rebecca's private idaho | Adventure MonkeyAdventure Monkey


Andy_K 03-25-14 03:55 PM

My quads hurt just thinking about it. I picture it being similar to doing a long distance ride with ankle weights.

If it's basically flat, why not use the Nature Boy?

hikerinmaine 03-26-14 09:53 AM

I am contemplating doing the Great Maine Getaway on my Pug (38 lbs) this summer instead of my usual fixed gear (4 years in a row and it's time for a change). It's a century day followed by a 75 mile 'easy' day. The only thing I can offer is:

If you can, find or borrow some Endomorph's, which are one of the lightest tires for the fatbike. They can be had cheap most places and some people have some kicking around from swapping to more aggressive tires. For the terrain and distance you specify, I would choose the Necro over the Gary.

Skankingbiker 03-26-14 11:57 AM


Originally Posted by Andy_K (Post 16610807)

If it's basically flat, why not use the Nature Boy?

If the trail were dry and well-packed/groomed, I would. everthing is still frozen over here, the trails are used for snowmobiling in the winter, we have a thaw coming, and my "guess" is that the trails will be very rutted out and/or soggy...or, DNR will dump a fresh batch of gravel down the week before the ride (Last year, the state ran a tractor up and down the trail to cut back the brush from either side when the trail was wet......Riding 50+ miles of washboard tractor prints was not fun).

Brougham 03-31-14 01:04 PM

I did the Heck of the North (105 miles) and the Filthy 50 on my Moonlander last fall with BFL's w/18 lbs of air in the wheels. Smooth like butter. Yes, it was heavy and harder than it had to be, but it still fun. There were at least 8 or 9 other fat bikers at each event.

chriskmurray 03-31-14 01:38 PM

I would do it but I would drop the Surly tubes. Any "normal" 26x2.5-26x2.75 tube works well and drops a lot of weight over the Surly toobs. Most people use the QBP branded Q Tube, the superlight version even works great and drops a lot of weight.

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