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stryper 05-22-14 01:15 AM

Help finding rims
I recently got an itch to sell off old bike parts to fund and build a cyclocross ride for some fun. Nothing serious, just for piddling around dirt trails over the summer. For tires I'll likely run some Rivendell Jack Browns at 33mm wide or maybe even something else at 35mm wide and I want a wide rim to match the tires profile. I'm having trouble though finding a rim that is 28-32mm wide and is machined for brakes. I suppose I could run disc brakes since I don't have a fork yet, but I'd really rather stick to canti's.

The only things I've found so far is Sun Ringle Rhyno Lite. Is there anything else I should be looking at? A sweet rim I missed?

Should I really just run a disc brake because it works better and gives many better options for rims?

Andy_K 05-22-14 09:10 AM

Why would you need a rim that wide for 35mm tires? There are several good rims that are 23mm wide that work great for cross. If you really want to indulge, the HED Belgium Plus is 25mm wide.

Tim_Iowa 05-22-14 09:26 AM

Yeah, a 23mm wide rim is plenty for 35mm wide tires. I have 38mm wide tires on my 23mm wide Velocity Synergy rims. I recommend Velocity and Mavic rims.

Personally, I find the Grand Bois/Compass tires to be faster and comfier than the Rivendell checkerboard tread tires. However, if you need a puncture layer, then the GB/Compass tires aren't for you. The Jack Brown Blues are a good compromise, as are the Soma Xpress tires.

jaxgtr 06-06-14 09:50 PM

I just bought a pair of Boyd Altamont's with Disc without the brake track. They are light and pretty damn stiff. I just happened to reach out to Boyd one day about disc hubs as I already own the Altamont's for my road bike and he happened to have a set available as they are going to start offering disc brake wheels. I am using mine on my commuter, but did load both 32, 35's for fit and they are good. However, I decided to stay with the Bontrager AW2 25's I had been using, but once these wear out, I am going to switch to Hutchinson Sector 28 tubeless. So either route you take, road or disc, I don't think you can go wrong.

They are 24 wide, 21 inside

wvridgerider 06-08-14 03:29 PM

Velocity DYAD

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