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UMDRunner 06-01-14 09:51 PM

Optimal rim width for carbon tubular race cross wheels?
I am looking into various carbon tubular wheels to use for racing cyclocross this season. I am new to the sport, so am not sure what width to go with. It seems like rims are getting wider and wider.... will the extra wide rims work with 32mm tubular tires? For example, I am looking at different wheels that are 25mm and 27mm wide. The best deal appears to be the 27mm wide rim, but damn... I have never heard of wheels that wide before. I would hate to get them if the best tubular tires are designed for 23mm rims and are not compatible with 27mm. My cross bike has cantilever brakes so braking surface is key.

I am in general looking at some carbonzone chinese wheels, or may keep my eyes peeled for some much older used zipp 303's.

Any feedback on these wheels?

Power Way R13 11S 27mm Wide Tubular 40mm Carbon Wheel 700c Basalt Brake Surface | eBay

stryper 06-01-14 10:10 PM

I came across this a couple weeks ago while looking for new wheels.
To the Point: Bill Shook on Wheels and Wide Rims - Pinkbike
He seems to say match the width of your tire to the rim. This is for tubeless though, not sure if it holds true for tubular tires.

fietsbob 06-02-14 11:10 AM

Its mostly about the glue surface.. particularly if you race on softer tire inflations ..

unlike a clincher tires, tubulars dont change profiles , they stay pretty round. ..

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