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rekon 06-05-14 09:52 PM

What Saddle Are You Using for CX?
What saddle are you using? How do you like it? What type of riding are you doing?

I'm just curious what saddle people are using on CX bikes - especially on the rocky, rough & numbing terrain. :speedy:

fiatjeepdriver 06-05-14 10:05 PM

I run a selle italia prolink on both of my cross bikes and three of my mtbs.

Richard8655 06-05-14 10:09 PM

Brooks B17 Standard used on hard packed gravel paths and occasional street pavement. Much better than the default saddle that came with my cross bike.

Noonievut 06-06-14 03:04 AM


Originally Posted by Richard8655 (Post 16825783)
Brooks B17 Standard used on hard packed gravel paths and occasional street pavement. Much better than the default saddle that came with my cross bike.


yote223 06-06-14 03:39 AM

I use one of these on my flat bar Cx; Serfas RX Saddle - Men's Performance - Modern Bike

I use this one on my Trek MTB which is set up for a little more comfort; Serfas RX Saddle - Men's - Modern Bike

I wish that I would have tried the "split saddle" a long time ago. They also have a 30 day return policy. NQA.

Kobe 06-06-14 06:52 AM

I have a Brooks B17 on 3 of my 4 bikes and Fujita Belt on my road bike. The B17's work best for me.

Kopsis 06-06-14 10:32 AM

Nashbar XR1. Nice almost flat profile, not super heavy, and it's big enough that as long as I'm in the same zip code on remounts, I can't miss. It's a bit of a Fizik Arione clone, but at less than $25 on sale, I don't lose any sleep over the abuse it takes. I can't speak to comfort. On a CX course my butt doesn't spend enough time planted in the saddle to notice.

Andy_K 06-06-14 12:04 PM

My geared CX race bike has a Selle Italia Flite saddle, which is what was on it when I bought it. That's been OK for racing, but I don't like it for longer rides.

My singlespeed CX bike has the stock saddle from a 1989 Rockhopper. It's a bit ugly but comfortable enough that when I sold the Rockhopper I kept the saddle.

The CX bike that I use for commuting has an older Specialized Phenom saddle with a notch in the back. I really like this saddle, but the notch makes it a no go for CX racing because I snag my shorts on the notch too often. I've got a newer Phenom without the notch on my mountain bike, and I'm thinking about picking up a couple more for my other CX bikes.

justin1138 06-06-14 12:37 PM

Avenir 300 series mountain saddle that came stock with my CX bike. It's worked out well for my first season of cross, trail riding, daily commuting, and the longer metric centuries I try to fit in once a month.

Refreshing 06-06-14 02:16 PM

Specialized Phenom! It has a cutout for the man parts. I race cyclocross and road on my bike. I was using the Specialized Toupe which I loved for road (high miles in the saddle) but it had hard plastic pieces at the front and rear which would hurt me when MTBing on my cx bike. The phenom is like the toupe with soft edges for crashing.

rekon 06-07-14 10:40 AM

I was using SL Turbo that came on my bike. Worst saddle I've ever been on. I went home sore everyday and especially when I did trails.

I recently picked up a Selle XO Flow. I love it so far. Reasonably priced and comfortable!

Refreshing 06-09-14 08:43 AM

I second Recon's saddle choice! That is pretty much the same thing that I use, just different brand. Man I love that cutout!

Gus90 06-21-14 05:34 PM

I'm using an Aliante VSX K:ium

unterhausen 06-21-14 09:15 PM

Right now I have a fizik airone. I always thought they looked like they would be uncomfortable, but it hasn't worked out that way. Really happy with it so far

Noonievut 06-22-14 05:31 AM


past couple months my long rides have been around 3-3.5 hours. On Friday I had the day off, so I went on a 5.5 hour ride, with more than 50% gravel (and lots of climbing). The only thing that didn't hurt was my butt!

I'm skinny and have narrow sit bones, so you would think I don't need the width of the B17 for support, but it works that well...

plodderslusk 06-22-14 05:54 AM

Specialized Phenom Expert, great saddle for my gravelgrinding CX-riding.

dvsjes28 06-23-14 05:36 PM

I had a B17 on my All-City but I am currently trying out the new Cambium C17.

modernjess 06-24-14 11:04 AM

Brooks Special flyer, essentially a B17 with springs. No CX racing for me, but for long gravel grinders and commuting it really is special. I think it might weigh more than my frame and I'm ok with that because my arse loves it dearly.

fietsbob 06-24-14 11:51 AM

Seems a same as a touring saddle is the common response .. when i sold My AlAn Cross frame

I Threw in the all weather Cinelli Unicanitor Unicanitor

now in reproduction , nothing to cut up in a crash... and rain , is never an Issue .

Back in the day the Pit crew dunking the whole bike in a stream to get the mud off was done.

now , JRA, I have a San Marco Rolls on my steel frame CX/light tour

could put my Brooks Pro on, its on it's own seatpost..

C 17 (+ newer C-15) seems tempting.. particularly for the bag loops ..

wonder if those age as badly as Gum rubber Hoods .


especially on the rocky, rough & numbing terrain.
there you lower the saddle a little bit so as to ride that stuff up off the saddle a ways.
to let your arms and legs be your suspension..

a MTB may have been a better bike if you do that kind of fire road riding.

SlowJoeCrow 06-26-14 05:57 PM

I use the Selle San Marco Ponza that came with my bike. It gets a little hard on century rides but otherwise it's fine. If I had to buy a replacement I'd probably get a WTB Volt since I really like their MTB saddles.

xjustice09x 06-28-14 08:27 PM

I ride a Specialized Romin on my road and cross bikes. Its just as comfortable for my 12 mile each way commute as it is for centuries.

phatfree 06-30-14 07:26 PM

Brooks C17. Great gravel saddle.

TourDeHood 07-18-14 11:18 PM

Brooks B17

Handful of CX races last year, "city" cross, commuting, and wooded excursions

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