so this was my first ever cyclocross race.

I started off with the juniors race, and It started out bad. I dropped my chain going over the first barrier. So I pop it back on and pass one of the 4 other kids. Then the race started sucking. Along the back straight it was really windy, and exposed. But I caught one more guy from the juniors race. We climb the long sandy hill together, hop the barriers, and start the downhill. On my way down my chain fell apart. I only finished 3/4 of first race. F&*@. Walk of shame back to the support/registration area.

I fumbled around with the chain trying to pull a link out of it, then I went to registration to see if I could still get in on the 4's race. One lady said no, I told her what was up, and the organizer said I was OK.

So I get to the line about 2 minutes before the race starts. The start was hectic. My barrier crossing skills suck, and some guy ran right into me. Enormous amounts of pain happened over the next thirty minutes. I crashed once popping out of a rut, but other that that it was good. In a "my legs are burning so much, and I can barely breathe" way.

Long story short: Im hooked. I want to try it again next weekend, or whenever. I also want a real CX bike.