Hey all.
I raced the Boulder CX series this weekend, I thought I would share my troubled experience.

First off, I went to the wrong location. I wasn't alone, a few people were standing around cluelessly at the site of the last race in the series. Oops. When I arrived at Interlocken I realized I forgot my ACA license so I had to race with a one day...grrrrr...and paid an extra $10. After registration I had about 15 minutes before the race sounded, so I took a practice lap. About half way around I broke a spoke and immediately bee-lined it for the Boulder Cycle Sport tent to see if they could cut it off. They actually had an extra wheel (w/ Grifo) and let me borrow it. On my way back to the start I noticed the race started and they were going around the first corner about 100 yards ahead of me. I circled around through the start/finish and chased. I ended up in the upper 60s out of 93. Oh well.

Good: I passed a lot of guys, course design was fantastic, got to test out a Grifo before buying
Bad: Stressed out morning, paid extra $$, placed poorly
Lesson learned: make a checklist and go over it the night before

Thanks to the guys at Boulder Cycle Sport for putting on another stellar race.