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    First race done!

    Rode in the Dicklane Velodrome Psychocross on Halloween.

    I met my goal. I finished and didn't DFL. 26th of 38 starters. 33 finishers. The course was muddy as could be with 3/4 of a lap on the track surface followed by a long infield section that was deeeeep mud, then a climb out of the track that I don't think anyone was able to ride, pavement section, curb hop into some woods with switchbacks and slick mud, curb down to the pavement and back to the track.

    I lined up in the back for the start and took it easy letting anyone who wanted to go fast pass me until I got into a rhythm. The last thing I wanted to do was blow up early. I ended up getting lapped of course, but I did beat a guy dressed up like a sandbag, and Eliot with ET. And I was able to give my five year old son a hi-five every lap which he absolutely loved.

    Great time and glad to finally be racing again. Now I just need to get skinny and fit.

    The attached image shows my rendition of the course. Close enough to get the idea.
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