Reasonably happy with the overall results.
4th overall in the over 50s V50
18th overall in the vets V
36th overal in the league of about 200'ish.

Not quite sure how US races are formatted? Here we have one big race. Pros, elites, all cats, vets, women and juniors we all set off together and race one another. The sub categories in each race are seniors (all up to 40 even pros) vets (all over 40) women and juniors (16-18) that's it.

Anyway 3rd overall V50 has to be my 2013/14 target. I think I shy'd away from hard training once the season got underway, and I think I might have got weaker. This year I'm going to add running later on, we had lots of mud this year and I won't be afraid to train right up to race day.

How have you lot got on, especially the old boys?