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    I'm using lots of glue FAST!

    I bought my first-ever can of Vitt Mastik 1. I used to race road with tubies and just used the little tubes, a couple a season, it seemed. So I thought my big can would last. It's basically gone in one CX season!

    I don't get it. I only installed, like, 4 sets of tires, that I remember. (1 set of road tires and 3 times for CX.)

    Maybe it's just that I'm being more thorough. I guess CX tires just need lots more glue due to the whole low-pressure roll-off thing. (I've had a couple roll-off's so now I'm thorough. Zero roll-off's when I've actually used my method.)

    Or, I was thinking that maybe when you have a big can it just goes faster. ?

    Basically, my method is I use one fingertip and wipe the tire-tape good then do the same for the rim, clean finger (minimal fuss), let em dry, install. Doesn't seem like I'm going crazy with it. But, darn, it's almost gone!

    Here's another crazy thing: one tire on an older alum rim wheel was still glued on tight this spring now that I'm changing over to road tires (pretty much one set of fast wheels for both sports). But the tire glued to my new carbon rim wheel came off quite easily. Sheesh! I tested that it was on tight all during CX season. Yet a few months later the bond was weak. Maybe I just need more glue-buildup. I sanded the new rim and did a couple bonding coats on it. Well, it was good while in use. I just checked the new road tire install after a day in the cold basement and they're already bonded decently -- I'll set em out in the sun for further bombproof cure.
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