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    Checking out Fairbanks 6.23.02

    I've decided to stay another day and another night and leave tomorrow (monday). Jen's friend Josh came over and we all went out to Alaskaland, which is a nice park for locals with a bit for tourists as well. We played hacky-sack for a while, then switched to the flying disc. Josh is a glass blower and told me a little about his work.
    After Alaskaland, Jen, Josh and I checked out the situation on renting a canoe to paddle on the Chena River. We found out we could rent one for 11 bucks an hour. We took off up river and met some folks enjoying the sun on the river side just a few strokes down. They insisted we pull up for a beer and when we did, sure enough a nice cold budweiser was in each of our hands. We continued up river, chatting and enjoying the day. Puffed on the peace pipe a bit before turning down river to cruise back to the dock. We got in just before the rental shop closed and thanked them for the good time.
    After our nice canoeing on the Chena, we headed to the supermarket. I wanted to pick up a couple of things for the road and get some nice fresh produce for a salad tonight. We got back to Jen's place and had a great feast on the fresh veggies. I savored every bite, knowing it would be a while before I got any veggies again. The salad had red peppers, red onion, mixed greek olives, romaine lettuce, cucumber, avocado, and topped with Annie's Natural Goddess tahini dressing, Yum! Served up with some french bread and sharp cheddar from Tilamook. We put in a flick to watch (U-Turn) and then it was lights out for me. Big day tomorrow!


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