I woke up pretty late and was slow getting my things together. I could feel my legs using this needed rest to heal up and recover. I boxed up some stuff to send home: my therma-rest chair (probably won’t use), an extra cooking pot, my long johns, another pair of underwear, the bike maintenance book, my old derailleur, old camera battery, the back pack attachment for my Ortlieb panniers (can’t get this thing to work good enough for it to be worth holding on to and will probably end up returning it to Ortlieb), an extra shirt, extra pair of undees, and some miscellaneous papers. I strapped on the box and headed towards town.
I finally got in touch with the Servas host in the area but she told me it wasn’t a good time for them – Bummer! So I went to the Fairbanks Hostel and rented a bed for $18. I cruised over to the library so I could continue transcribing my journaling to my website. Around 9:30pm the rainy day started to clear up and expose a little sunshine. I rode over to say hi to Molly (Jen’s roommate) at her work and we talked about meeting up at the Marlin later on. I got a few things from the grocery store and headed back to the Hostel to cook up a late dinner. After some food and a nice hot shower, I went downstairs to the Marlin to hand out for a bit. I saw Molly there and we went outside to chat with some other folks. We smoked some great herb and enjoyed the “sunset” that lit up the sky in an amazing pink. I met a couple that had moved here a few years ago from Iowa. They went to the University of Iowa and knew exactly where I’d gone to school – Small world! We closed down the bar and I went upstairs to the hostel and went to bed. (18 miles)