It was looking like the 4th of July was going to be pretty uneventful for me. I spent a lot of time at a nearby bookstore taking advantage of the free internet and entered in some more journaling and photos. I did another load of laundry and relaxed mainly relaxed throughout the day. Today, the rain seemed to be clearing up which was nice. I met another cyclist named Forest. He was in his late 40s or so and had ridden from California up to Alaska and was going to be riding down to Anchorage after a night or two here to meet his daughter.
I wasnt going to spend another night at the hostel for $18 so I had gotten together all my things and was about to take off to find a campsite when I began chatting with the owner Gerry. I talked to her about how it was to run a Hostel and how she liked it. She talked about how it was cool, but she was older and wanted to get into some different things now. After a while, she even suggested that I stay here and run it for her! It was an attractive offer, but I obviously have other plans for the next year or so. Plus there would be no way I could make money doing it, just earn my stay. I did come back with another offer, however. I made a deal with Gerry that Id design a basic website for the hostel which currently has no website, in exchange for a few nights stay. I am still waiting on my package from Miami to get in (AK fishing license, mail, and long cycling pants) and a bed would be a lot more comfy than tenting it outside in rainy weather.
So Gerry got out her laptop and I started working on design. It was getting late and I wondered what was going on downstairs. I went down to the Marlin and Molly practically met me at the door. We hung out a while chatting before we decided to call it a night.

Happy Idependance Day Americans!